A Daily 'What-To-Wear' Guide For Your Travels

Well, this was a delightful surprise: I was going through the Notes on my iPhone when I spotted this handy daily "what-to-wear" guide that I created for my Italy trip in September last year!

Trust me, this was the ONLY time I did this sort of thing; I'm more of a go-with-the-flow kind of dresser when all my options are stuffed in ONE suitcase, especially when I travel on a long trip. But I remember unpacking my toiletries after arriving at the hotel in Milan and looking at the collection of things in my suitcase, thinking "I might as well try my best to shoot one outfit per day while I'm here!"
(Plus one for my transit day in Dubai on the way back home, too.)

That would require some planning — a lot more planning than I've done in the past — so I then whipped out my phone, started listing all the things that were with me, and then mixed and matched them in my head, creating outfits as I go.

And you know what? Unpredictable weather included, I wore six out of the planned seven outfits in my Note here, which, kind of makes me think my disorganized self deserves a pat on the back. (Which I'll do myself, thank you very much.)

The list was not updated as you can see; I only remembered to cross out four of the outfits but rest assured, the other two got worn as well, albeit with slight changes made to them i.e. I wore my polka dot suit with a black scarf and not yellow as planned. The aforementioned "unpredictable weather" resulted in me having to abandon the very last outfit listed (way too hot for a leather jacket in Milan in September last year!) and having to opt for this floral print-tied sleeveless dress purchased in Milan instead.

I remember how much easier it was for me to get dressed up every morning on this trip, and, you guys, I really should be utilising my organizational skills more for any long trip I take in the future — which I hope will happen again sometime soon this year, so here's to hoping, guys! 


  1. You should absolutely be making a list and composing outfit options from the list!! You are such a frequent traveller and able to do the necessary critical and creative thinking required. Since you've already proven that your methodology functions well, I think it may even be something that could be helpful to your followers! A new subject to blog about! :-)
    Love, Jude

    1. Yes, it's a topic that's definitely worth looking into more, isn't it? Although to be honest, I have to think a lot more about how to expand this topic in an honest and authentic way because I don't even think I'm the best at packing for a long travel! But you're right, I did learn some few dos and don'ts from my trips. Perhaps there'll be a post on that some day =D


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