From Formal Demure To Casual Furry

The demure white beaded caftan that I wore to a recent solemnization is a little see-through so adding an under-layer of some sort is a necessity to prevent anyone from having a peek at my undergarments — modesty is my priority, after all! On that day, instead of wearing a thin dark dress underneath like I usually do with my other see-through dresses, I wore a white t-shirt and a skirt instead.

As dinnertime crept up — accompanied by grumbling noises from my mid-area, a result of the tiny lunch portion earlier that day — I did a quick change by slipping out of the caftan, leaving the white tee and skirt on then adding this furry cardigan on top, taking out my contact lens for my glasses (my eyes were getting very dry), switching my mules to sneakers, swapping my tote for my backpack and I was ready to catch the Grab ride to the restaurant!

Day to night, formal to casual, all in a matter of minutes — if only all my outfit changes could be this quick and easy!

Wearing: Mango furry long cardigan  |  White t-shirt swiped from Shah's luggage (haha!)  |  Uniqlo black maxi skirt  |  Zara backpack |  Adidas Adihoney sneakers

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  1. You look so comfortable, Liyana! I love the fuzzy sweater and I would wear it all the time until the weather actually warmed up.

    1. It's warm here allllll the time, but since it's air-conditioned everywhere (and some places are really, really cold) here I still find uses for this cardi!

  2. Oh I do wish you'd shown us the white caftan done as an overlay!!
    I have a couple of these "hairy" sweaters and I really love the texture they add to a look.
    My goodness Liyana! I love the color of your scarf!! I think I've seen it before but it looked more burgundy/cordovan. This time it looks quite chocolate Brown!! Either way, it's lovely and I'm beginning to think their isn't a single color that doesn't suit you!
    It looks as though you're in some kind of vintage gaming display or shop. I'm intrigued! :-) Love, Jude

    1. I've linked the earlier white caftan post above, in the first paragraph, if you want to see it - it's the recent outfit post for the solemnization, which you commented on!

      This scarf is sparkly and has a sheen that makes the colour changes in different lighting. I'd say it's more chocolate brown, but yes it can look like burgundy/cordovan!

      Ahhh I wish I really could pull off any shade that is thrown at me, but I don't know if that's the case. Weirdly, though, the older I get, the more I care less about "pulling off" a colour. I just wear whatever colour I WANT to now!

      This arcade is pretty common in smaller malls in Malaysia, I think? It does look pretty old-school, doesn't it? I love the colours in this particular one and just hought it would be a fun place to shoot at!


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