A Classier Derivative Of My Uniform & Affinity For Mules

My fancy version of a "uniform" has been jeans + blazer + tee for for a long while now, but only because the combo is truly fool-proof and allows me to do less standing around in front of my closet deciding what to wear.

See: My very casual everyday "uniform"

Some of you might already know my love for blazers because I've worn a variety of them on this blog many, many times. Being a modest dresser makes blazers a real hero of the wardrobe, you guys.

Another one of my "uniforms" would be to substitute the blazer with a denim jacket and swap the mules for sneakers, but having a casual blazer on like I have on here with the more ladylike mules is just the classier derivative, plus it really is appropriate for more occasions.

One thing you should know about me: I really like wearing mules. They offer the breathability of flip-flops or slippers to me but since they don't show my toes, I get this idea that they offer extra "modesty".

I'm quite picky about the mules I buy because I find that many of the gorgeous mules in the market are not built for comfort. But when I spotted these white mules, in my exact size, all alone in a sea of other discounted chunkier shoes in Zara last month, I felt in my heart that they were meant for me even before I tried them on.

To top it all off, when I asked if Shah liked them (truthfully expecting him to cringe at them because I thought they were fashionably "ugly" in that cool way that repels men but attracts women), his answer after scrutinizing them was a delightful "I do. They remind me of something Princess Jasmine would wear."

Reminder: I am a huge Disney fan. Clearly, husband knows the way to my heart.

I knew my brain made the right decision right there and then: my Jasmine slippers were indeed meant to be.

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Wearing: Mango oversized blazer  |  Zara crop flare jeans  |  Zara leather mules  |  & Other Stories pearl plaid sling bag  |  Lovisa flower pearl earrings

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  1. Those white woven mules are special and really elevate the outfit but I also think that intricate box bag is rivaling the shoes nicely.
    It's going to take a long time for me to appreciate an ankle length, wide leg pant/jean. To my eye the proportion is off. It subtracts length and the slimming profile of a standard long hemline. I'm just not a fan.

    1. Thank you, Judy! I really do think the mules are quite something, I'm glad someone else thinks so too =)

      The weird thing is, I used to dislike the crop flare/wide-legged pants myself. I used to think flare/wide-legged pants only work when their length is all the way down BELOW the ankle area, and should be worn with shoes that add height. After some time I decided to experiment with one crop pair and ended up loving it. These particular pair of jeans is actually one of my firm favourites, which I've worn a few times on this blog.

      That being said, I completely understand why you're not on board with the crop-wide-leg trend though. It's not for everyone, but thankfully there are so many jeans styles to choose from - I also love crop straight jeans, but the normal-length straight jeans will forever be a classic, I'm sure!

    2. PS: Oh dear, I just assumed you were Judy, who always comments but has no choice to appear as "Unknown" due to unknown reasons by Blogger! I hope I was right to assume it's you, my dear Jude, but if you're not Judy, thank you so much for your comment! xo

  2. :-):-)It WAS me, your pal JUDE!


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