During the recent month of Ramadhan, I went on a solo quest to find a nude/beige/cream dress to wear to the upcoming nude/beige/cream-themed wedding of my cousin in Pekanbaru (the solemnization had a mint green theme) when I saw this beige maxi dress hanging all alone on a rack at a bazaar.

PS: You'll see LOADS of little indoor bazaars inside malls here during the fasting month, selling everything from clothes to cookies to cushion covers as Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid. So fun, I miss it all!

Even though the dress was discounted it was still a little above my budget, but there was just something about the dress that made me linger around — so of course the person manning the booth sniffed out my hesitation to walk away (recognising the golden opportunity to make a sale, no doubt) and convinced me to try on the dress.

The dress looked super basic and very plain-looking on the rack but once it was on me, it was like love at first wear. I was actually sceptical about pulling the dress over my head, let alone onto my body, because it was a size XS (I'm never an XS here in Malaysia! Also, very rarely an S!) but it simply flowed over my shoulders and hips,  resting comfortably on my shoulders — shockingly, with the right length as well. It truly fit me like a glove. (If a glove could have a flowy flouncy skirt, that is.)

To further explain my predicament: most ready-made / locally-made dresses with a more fitted shape always have proportions that look all wrong on me (as opposed to the many shapeless caftans I buy off the rack, which is always one-size-fits-all).

I'm only about 5'4-5'5 but I'm considered slightly above average height for females here in Malaysia. Not including lanky supermodels, Asians are generally shorter (something I can vouch for having visited Asian cities and European cities) so most of the locally-sized clothes that fit beautifully around me will always be too short, as they're designed for a person of (local) average height. More often than not, I would need to go one or two sizes up to get the length desired, and send it off for alteration, snipping away excess fabric wherever needed around the top area.

Wearing a ready-made beige maxi dress with a gold studded Michael Kors clutch
But not this beige dress, guys — no alterations needed. (And an XS too! XS!!!) Now if you'll excuse me I'll be on my way to see a tailor to get this dress replicated for future uses...

Wearing: Dress from Ramadhan bazaar in Subang Parade  |  Zara mules (on repeat at the mo!)  |  Michael Kors studded clutch

Gold studded Michael Kors black clutch

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