Sky Blue Ruffles, Lavender Accent & FRIENDS Socks

Let's bear in mind that I am a hijabi living in a hot and humid country, where wearing ONE single layer is deemed the most desirable dress-up option (with a spare jacket to throw on inside cold air-conditioned indoor areas), and that single layer has to be long-sleeved and be cooling enough, OK?

Now that I've laid out my daily sartorial situation here, here's the thing: if there's one top that I've been wearing to its death, it is this old Adidas x Manchester United top.
And in second place: this sky blue ruffles top I'm wearing in this post, that I first "debuted" in Singapore with the sweetest colourful pom pom straw bag.

Sky blue top with ruffles on sleeves and shoulder with high-waist black culottes and Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers
Statement ruffles on sweater top

I haven't had the good luck of finding similar practical (yet cute) tops in such a long time so I am so thankful this top is enduring as it is. Honestly, after three years of constant wear, I expect the top to accumulate more pilling but it's in such mint condition — I just can't believe I almost didn't buy it in the first place!
(Note: Refer to pom pom straw bag post linked above.)

Friends socks from Typo with snakeskin Adidas Superstar sneakers

I paired the top with a sweet lavender scarf, these new high-waist black culottes from a Korean brand I just discovered, and my favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S socks for extra modesty for a casual, relaxing day out in Kuala Lumpur, consisting of a semi-solo lunch with a good book.
(Shah had to leave for work after finishing his burger but not that I minded; I just started to get into the Jack Reacher book series and always loved alone time at a nice restaurant/cafe with good food and a good book!)

Wearing: Pull & Bear ruffles top  |  BFF The Label black culottes  |  Typo FRIENDS socks  |  Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers


  1. It's hard to believe that this top doesn't become WAY too hot in the summer heat and humidity! This is a beautiful and unique pairing of colors in your scarf and top and I'm so impressed that Shah joined you for lunch during his work day.
    When I look back at your several previous posts I see "No comments" and yet I know I have! Perhaps you too are catching up? :-) Love, Jude

    1. I think I'm more accustomed to wearing tops like this in this tropical weather. If modest-dressing is not a priority I would definitely NOT recommend this top, let's be honest!

      Shah has free time to meet me during lunch hour like once in a blue moon! We were back in Kuala Lumpur for a course he had to attend and lucky for me he managed to meet me for lunch one of the days. I wish we could have more days like that.

      I'm sorry for not replying to your comments. When we arrived to our house for a weekend break (not sure if you knew this but we currently stay in a tiny hotel in a city 4 1/2 hours away from where our house is) we discovered our roof was terribly leaking, and just so happens it's currently raining almost everyday here - and heavily, too. (Inserting crying emoji face would be appropriate here.) Our clothes were soaked and the room is smudged and I was way in over my head trying to clear everything. The room still hasn't been cleaned but at least the clothes issue is almost settled! I am however grateful because it could have been worse; years ago a pipe burst somewhere and our room was literally flooded. Look on the bright side, right?

      Sorry if I sound like I'm venting, Judy! I haven't touched my laptop in daysss, but I'm glad I managed to schedule the last few posts beforehand though.

  2. Vent all you want!!!
    GREAT to hear from you but the news about your "other" home is definitely NOT what I would wish to hear from you!!!! Are you in a monsoon season???
    I DO recall that you were in a temporary apartment because of Shah's professional life. Please tell me more about how you two are doing!
    Perhaps an e-mail? Love, Jude

    1. The roof is fixed now, thank God, Shah and I are so relieved. It's not even monsoon season but it was raining a lot the last couple of weeks. It's lesser now though, which I'm glad for, because you'd definitely notice more public coughing and sneezing when it's extra rainy, yikes!

      Will send an email your way soon Judy! <3


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