Let's bear in mind that I am a hijabi living in a hot and humid country, where wearing ONE single layer is deemed the most desirable dress-up option (with a spare jacket to throw on inside cold air-conditioned indoor areas), and that single layer has to be long-sleeved and be cooling enough, OK?

Now that I've laid out my daily sartorial situation here, here's the thing: if there's one top that I've been wearing to its death, it is this old Adidas x Manchester United top.
And in second place: this sky blue ruffles top I'm wearing in this post, that I first "debuted" in Singapore with the sweetest colourful pom pom straw bag.

Sky blue top with ruffles on sleeves and shoulder with high-waist black culottes and Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers
Statement ruffles on sweater top

I haven't had the good luck of finding similar practical (yet cute) tops in such a long time so I am so thankful this top is enduring as it is. Honestly, after three years of constant wear, I expect the top to accumulate more pilling but it's in such mint condition — I just can't believe I almost didn't buy it in the first place!
(Note: Refer to pom pom straw bag post linked above.)

Friends socks from Typo with snakeskin Adidas Superstar sneakers

I paired the top with a sweet lavender scarf, these new high-waist black culottes from a Korean brand I just discovered, and my favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S socks for extra modesty for a casual, relaxing day out in Kuala Lumpur, consisting of a semi-solo lunch with a good book.
(Shah had to leave for work after finishing his burger but not that I minded; I just started to get into the Jack Reacher book series and always loved alone time at a nice restaurant/cafe with good food and a good book!)

Wearing: Pull & Bear ruffles top  |  BFF The Label black culottes  |  Typo FRIENDS socks  |  Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers
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