11 Favourite Quotes From Stranger Things | Eleven T-shirt & Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket

When Stranger Things 3 went live on Netflix earlier this month, I knew I would be unable to start bingeing on it on its first day out due to travelling. Sure, I could've just started watching it on my iPhone, but a big part of the show's attraction is the gorgeous visuals so that would be doing the show injustice, really.

So I did the logical thing: mute related ST3 keywords on Twitter, as to avoid spoilers. (Avoiding hanging out with people who are super fans that have binged on the latest season be smart too, but arguably a tad much.)

Many critics are collectively saying season 3 is the best one yet but I just can't choose between seasons 2 and 3, but I will say this: season 3's suspense felt murderous, my heart has never raced faster during the last few episodes!

Asking which character is my absolute favourite would induce a headache as well, but I'm very fond of Will, Hopper, and Eleven (of course), which was why I just had to have this t-shirt of Eleven, with one of my favourite quotes to come out from the series emblazoned on top of El's "bitchin'" game face:

"Friends don't lie."
Eleven, Season 1: Chapter One

Here are more of my favourite lines from the three seasons of Stranger Things, which I think are not only essential to their storyline but could very well be relatable to our own everyday lives.

Time to commence with the pondering:

"You shouldn't like things because people tell you you're supposed to."
Jonathan Byers, Season 1, Chapter Two

"Sometimes, people don't say what they're really thinking. But you capture the right moment...it says more."
Jonathan Byers, Season 1: Chapter Four

"Science is neat, but I'm afraid it's not very forgiving."
Scott Clarke, Season 1: Chapter Five

"This is not yours to fix alone. You act like you're all alone out there in the world, but you're not. You're not alone."
Joyce Byers, Season 1: Chapter Seven

"Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world."
Jonathan Byers, Season 2: Chapter One

"Nothing is gonna go back to the way it was. Not really. But it'll get better. In time."
Jim Hopper, Season 2: Chapter Two

"I am on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles. I need my paddles."
Dustin Henderson, Season 2: Chapter Three

"People don't spend their lives trying to get a look at what's behind the curtain. The like the curtain. It provides them stability, comfort, definition."
Murray Bauman, Season 2: Chapter Five

"All living organisms develop defense mechanisms against attack. They adapt. They find some way to survive."
Dr. Owens, Season 2: Chapter Six

"Now that you're out of high school, which means you're technically an adult, don't you think it's time you move on from primitive constructs such as popularity?"
Dustin Henderson, Season 3: Chapter Three 

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Are you a fan of Stranger Things as well? Who are your top 3 favourite characters?

Wearing: Vintage oversized Levi's deni jacket from Kinji Used Clothing, Tokyo  |  Pull & Bear "Eleven" Stranger Things t-shirt  |  Zara eyelet mermaid skirt  |  Converse sequinned sneakers  |  Zara PVC backpack


  1. Well, you've definitely intrigued me!!!
    Your high top sneakers are pretty WONDERFUL my friend!!!
    Love, Jude

    1. Those sequinned (sequins!) high top Converse were bought on my trip to China so they're sentimental and very special to me =D


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