The No-Ironing-Necessary ZigZag Blazer

Confession time: I hate ironing clothes.

Hate is a strong word that I actually hate using (huh) but I've just got to throw that word in to convey how much I do NOT like to iron. How I wish I was one of those people who find the act of ironing out wrinkles soothing and therapeutic! (Yes, apparently these people exist.)

The "real-life" me would be out in public wearing an unironed outfit head-to-ankle and not care but, hey, I'm not a complete slob: I DO care enough to iron my clothes when I'm either taking photos for this blog (of course) or attending an important enough function.
But even then, if I could get away with not ironing, I would, OK? I would.

Which is why I love pieces like the pyjama-inspired top my mother-in-law wanted for herself as well as this zigzag blazer — NO IRONING NECESSARY GUYSSS. It's not even the crazy zigzag pattern masking the wrinkles, but the blazer's material itself is iron-free straight out of the washing machine, so that does make me one happy ironing-free girl for the day!

Wearing: Warehouse blazer  |  Zara crop flare jeans  |  BFF The Label mules  |  Playnomore faux crocodile bag


  1. WOW! Those are some exceptional zigs and zags! There's a sort of houndstooth check feel to them. What a great find LIYANA!
    When I was still teaching I used to iron an outfit pretty much every night! My thinking was that an outfit I loved and spent money on deserved to be ironed and looking it's best. I just always felt incomplete when I didn't iron a garment that needed it. Love, Jude

    1. I think I would take ironing a whole lot more seriously if I work professionally! It's definitely necessary in a working environment if you want to be taken seriously.

      I just love it when I come across a piece like this, and especially when it's on SALE =D

  2. Hello Hum! I got a suggestion from someone on Instagram to get a steamer too! And she, too, hates ironing. I've actually always wanted a good steamer but the ones I like were a bit pricey, but after this I'm now definitely thinking a steamer would be a fantastic investment! Thank you for your comment <3


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