Blogging During Self-isolation: How Does That Work?

Currently, I'm uncertain about my blogging path during these rough times. I'm used to blogging about my outfits but right now, I can't even remember the last time I dressed up and put makeup on, and I don't foresee myself doing so anytime soon either. (PS: I might for Eid soon, we'll see.) Truth be told: not getting all dolled up hardly bothers me. I'm also such a homebody that practising self-isolation hasn't been that big of a change in scenery for me.

But staying every day inside means I pretty much live in pyjamas, day and night — and please let me clarify that I mean a clean pair of jammies during the day after I shower and another clean pair at night after another shower. (It's hot and humid Malaysia guys, where taking multiple showers per day is the norm.)

I'm even at a stage where I've quite suddenly decided I don't own enough cute comfy jammies — see what self-isolation has done to me? Obviously, that's got me thinking about getting some new ones now, and OK I just got a brand new idea: should pyjama fashion be my blogging thing now?
Will put a pin on that...

I haven't really blogged all that much since December (perhaps you read the reason for that in my previous post?) but seeing as how I have leftover outfit shots from last year, I plan to still put them up soon, and hopefully you guys will enjoy them anyway even though they're sort of #throwback at this point.

I realise my blogging concerns are superficial at this point, but I suppose it's my own personal way of trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. I'm incredibly aware of my privilege to continue life as normal as possible and I'm thankful for that.

On a more serious note, there are too many heavyhearted stories in which people lose jobs, or forced to work in an unsafe environment, or not being able to put food on the table, and worst of all, contracting and battling the virus itself. I sincerely hope not one of you are being put through any such distress.

Stay safe, peeps, and stay in if you don't really need to leave the house. If you do go out, wear a mask and please practise good hygiene! Talk soon 

PS: Photo taken in 2018 in an airport lounge when I was excitingly bound for Italy. Shah and I always sported masks on our travels on our flights (obvs I was jokingly posing with the mask on while having a cup of tea in my hand) so a part of me kept reminiscing about the time when masks were considered a commodity. Ah, good ol' times, right?


  1. I'm so looking forward to your new style content as Malaysia is continuously relaxing the MCO. Not that I wouldn't appreciate pajama fashion especially from you because I'm sure you'd be just as stylish at home or anywhere! If you find time in between real life activities and cat mom routines, I think you're due for an outfit post, Liyana! Casual or dressy, I'm up for it!


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