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My Style During The Pandemic

Ha ha ha just jokes guys, because it's been like: WHAT style? What even is style?
Also, it was really weird typing out the words "style" and "pandemic" in one sentence, I have to be honest with you, but for the sake of this (mostly one-way) conversation, let me just resume typing out this post.

Probably for the first time ever in my life, I went on for months without considering cohesiveness of my outfits during those short, necessary ventures into the outside world. (Note: And before that, I didn't even go out of the house for weeks at all, when the government made it a law that only one person from each household could go out at a time — not that I was complaining because it was necessary!) 

Never thought this could happen to me but I found myself unable to muster up the energy to care about clothes as much as I always had, what with the pandemic and so many other unfortunate events happening around the world. Not that there weren't any notable events occurring before, but self-isolating at home full-time with devices that provide access to social media in mere seconds (or minutes, my internet is SUPER slow here) no doubt has the effect of turning us into super quality news-absorbing sponge — bumping style way low on my priority list.

The number of cases in Malaysia went down to below 30, then eventually to single digits. Then yesterday it spiked back up to a 100, due to people carrying the virus across our border — so, SO frustrating but hopefully everyone's doing their due diligence i.e. not going out if feeling unwell, wear a mask out and social distance at all times. (The number's down again today, which always leaves me feeling optimistic!)

My family came down to visit me during the long Independence Day weekend recently, and I finally started caring again about looking decent. And you know what? It felt nice. Like, really nice. I opened my closet and did not just grab whatever is hanging; I actually took time to decide on an outfit.

That being said, my closet in the new house here has very limited options. On this day we simply planned to eat by the beach and chilled, so comfort was still a top priority — plus breeziness, because well HUMIDITY what else? (Does anyone miss me talking about how hot and humid my country is?) 

I settled on an oversized blue button-down (Shah has forgotten about this shirt, so my gain) and striped wide-legged pants, and we all had a good meal and the best time enjoying each other's company.

Hope you're all staying safe wherever you are! Don't forget to social-distance outside with your mask on 

*Photography by my sister Rina on her iPhone


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