Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part I: Minnie Mouse

OK, I've finally done it —

It's (weirdly) been my dream for years to give Disneybounding a go, which is a Disneyland-related trend I learned about only after visiting the Disneylands of Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Then, with our 10th wedding anniversary approaching late last year, Shah and I decided we wanted to celebrate in an extra special way, and what way was more special than a trip to Disneyland? And that was it: my chance to finally go full-on Disniac (or Disneyhead, whichever term you prefer) and put some serious planning into my Disneybound outfits!

We planned on a 3-days-2-nights trip so of course I created three Disneybound outfits, one for each day (otherwise it'd be a waste not to, don't you think?). After countless attempts at persuading Shah to Disneybound alongside me, he finally caved after I pitched a presentation showcasing how easy for guys to Disneybound and look like they're not Disneybounding and to actually look good doing it.

With Shah on board, does it not make perfect sense for us to Disneybound as the golden couple of Disney itself? It's relatively easy to Disneybound as Minnie Mouse, as it turns out, as all you need are some red, white, black, polka dots, bows, and that's it, really!

If you've been to any Disneyland, you might notice the carts selling popcorn in containers modeled after Disney characters. I kept one shaped adorably like Minnie's bow from Disneyland Paris years ago, so naturally it became the handbag to complete my Minnie outfit.

Not surprisingly, my day at the park was made when one of Disneyland's staffs waved at us on our way into Main Street and called out, "Wow, you guys look like Mickey and Minnie Mouse!"

Seriously, Day. MADE.

PS: There is a DisneyBound Tumblr dedicated to sharing tips on how you can Disneybound as any character your heart desires if you want to check it out!

Wearing: Leather jacket from a leather store in Rome  |  H&M polka dot top  |  H&M red tulle skirt (worn layered with jeans in South Korea where I bought it)  |  Uniqlo black maxi skirt  |  Typo Mickey Mouse red socks  |  Adidas Superstar (discovered my feet could fit into their Junior section's largest size YESSS)  |  Minnie Mouse headband from Disneyland store


  1. So cute and fun. My husband hates anything Disney so I could never do this but you look adorable!

    1. Hi Annie! Thank you for the kind compliment =)
      Oh no, I'm sorry to hear he hates Disney stuff! But I guess it's not that unusual, some people just don't jive with the sugary-sweetness fantasy that is Disney, which is OK. My husband is nowhere near a big fan of Disney as I am but thankfully he happens to love theme parks, and Disneyland is such a happy place for us. Plus Disney has Star Wars, which we both love! I hope your husband will slowly (and magically) begin to embrace Disney someday.

  2. I love how very enthusiastic your are about Disney! Hahah. I'm just neutral about it but I'm so NOT neutral when it comes to your Disneybound minnie-inspired outfit. Oh so, so chic and I'm just in awe! I'm really looking forward to see more of your Disneybound OOTDs. :D xoxo

    1. Thank you, thank you! I was SO STOKED that lady recognized my Minnie Mouse themed outfit, I'm telling you.
      Disney isn't for everyone and I absolutely understand that. There's like a spectrum, from people who hate the "sickeningly sweet" Disney vibes (although they tend to forget Disney own Marvel and Star Wars, I think) to people whose dream is to get engaged or even have their wedding at a Disneyland park. Anywhere you or anyone else falls on this spectrum is totally cool. I'm just pleased that even though you're neutral about Disney, you could get on board my Disneybound efforts, that makes me happy!


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