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Favourite Fancy Pancake Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

When I was studying in New Zealand, I looked forward to Sundays the most because that was the one day when I could take a breather; I would sleep in, watch all the TV I wanted (all the good shows on regular programming were on Sunday back then!), make long calls to my family and friends back home in Malaysia, go shopping, take naps in between those things... Ah, good old times.
I always started my Sunday the right way, too: with pancakes, served with an insane amount of butter and drenched in maple syrup.

I was faithful to one particular pancake recipe all the years I lived there, written by hand in this thin denim-covered notebook with a bejewelled pink heart-shaped outline on the denim. The reason why I remember the notebook so well is because it's still in my possession even after almost 15 years, nestled among my story books in the living room of my first house in Petaling Jaya.

I stopped using the recipe a couple of years ago because somehow the pancake doesn't satisfy me the way it used to during those Sundays in Christchurch. If I were to make it now, it would be for nostalgic reasons more than anything, but ain't nobody got time for that! Since I am now a stay-at-home homemaker, I can eat pancakes whatever day I want now (yep, lucky me), which has put me on a quest to finding a new favourite pancake recipe.

When it comes to pancakes, I'll be honest, I'm basic as heck; I like them plain with no added frills, to be eaten with just butter and pure maple syrup with a little bit of honey. But when I caught the clip of the effervescent Gordon Ramsay making his blueberry ricotta pancakes, I just had to give it a go. 

What do you know, I now have a favourite "fancy" pancake recipe that's perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch with Shah (or in my case, any-day brunch).

PS: How have I only this year just discovered that Greek yoghurt + honey make an impeccable addition to pancakes? How?

Watch Gordon's YouTube video to learn how he makes them (linked below), or you could check out the recipe at this site for written reference.

Note: Shah always handles the egg-white-whipping in our household, which means I've tried doing the recipe without separating the yolk and the pancake still tasted delicious. My advice: don't sweat on the separating too much if you're in a hurry, but absolutely do it if you have the time!


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