Photo Diary: Hisham & Cu's Solemnization at The Westin Desaru Beach

My elder brother had a low-key, intimate solemnization ceremony earlier this month at the beautiful beach of The Westin Hotel in Desaru, followed by a breakfast reception afterwards.

It was simultaneously both the fanciest and the simplest solemnization I've ever attended, somehow. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but Malaysians might just get it: Malay weddings are usually held in halls or the garden and streets outside one's home, with a lot of decor, fancy dais and hubbub all around. The beach wedding had a flowered arch to frame the solemnization with pretty chairs facing the arch to seat the guests, and a table to display the hantaran. But the fact that the ceremony took place on the pristine beach, with a majestic beautiful sea as the backdrop, made it feel grand. 

We couldn't ask for better weather, too; it had been rainy one morning and blisteringly hot the next during the days leading to the weekend but on the morning of, the sun hid behind the clouds and the smallest amount of rain only came down after we were all ready to head back home.

Us —  the groom's family
The solemnization underway
Babygirl Arya and me sharing a chair (with Shah trying to photobomb at the back)
The sweetest arch by the sea
Canapes and drinks for guess

Hantaran — traditional gifts in Malay weddings — from both the groom and bride's sides

Hisham putting the wedding bracelet on Cu's wrist, foregoing the traditional wedding ring
Photo time!

Our family just got bigger ♥
The groom with our nephew Rayyan
The bride with Arya
Rayyan and Arya were definitely the most excited about their new aunt addition!
Like cats and dogs growing up, and  both all grown up now

Hisham and Cu faced quite the challenge in planning their solemnization so we are all incredibly thankful that they are safely married, and got to embark on their new phase of life as husband and wife.

I hope you've enjoyed this little photo diary ❤ Thank you for reading and scrolling!

PS: Photos here were taken with Samsung A7ii camera, iPhone 11 and iPhone 7 Plus


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