My Family's Outfits For The Solemnization Ceremony at The Westin Desaru Beach

I didn't want my brother Hisham and his wife Cu's solemnization event to end! It was such a beautiful morning by the beach, surrounded by my family (a.k.a. my most favourite people on earth but undoubtedly the bunch of people who annoy me the most + I annoy the most) and having the absolute best with them. 

Plus, if I'm being honest, I am filled with regret over not indulging in the drinks and canapes that they were serving before the ceremony, too. (The canapes, may I add, that I helped choose weeks before because I accompanied my brother and his then-fiancee for their meeting with the event's manager.)

We all wore different hues of green to fit our chosen theme, except for my niece Arya who wore the sweetest cream dress because she was supposed to be a flower girl in the original wedding plan (the dress, may I add, that I also helped choose because I insisted on taking my baby girl shopping for it, but it was Arya's choice a 100%!).

Here's a quick rundown of their outfits:

My Mak, the matriarch of our family who had the final say on the green theme (because she deserves all the power), looking beautiful in her lime coloured kebaya with yellow-green hijab.
My elder sister Fiza wore a gorgeous custom-made emerald dress (a dress I already said to Fiza to "Give it to me", without taking into account whether I could fit into it or not because I like to pretend she isn't two sizes smaller and 5 inches taller than me). 

Rayyan my nephew was dashing in his Kelly green baju Melayu with his little songket samping and sneakers.

Arya looked adorable in cream and pastel shades; she wanted to feel princess-y in a long flowy dress, and this was perfect for that. (My 7-year-old self would definitely approve!)
My good-looking younger brother Hazri in his custom-made forest green baju Melayu, with accompanying songkok on the head and samping, plus sharp shoes; he was Hisham's best man that day, naturally!
Rina my younger sister in a peach green modern baju kurung and matching necklace (an accessory that, again, I also had a hand in  or in her dramatic words, that I "forced" her to wear, which I did not as she so obviously loved it).

Shah in his green baju melayu — an oldie but a goodie from a few years ago, and like me, he didn't get to bring any other matching baju Melayu accessories from our first home, so we had to make a quick shopping trip to the city to complete his traditional outfit. 
Unlike my brothers and dad, Shah settled on sandals for the sandy beach, and on that note, if anyone was wondering YES my flats were filled with sand a few steps onto the beach, but small matter!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

My dad a.k.a. Bapak's green outfit was the only one I didn't get to photograph, but you can check out how handsome he looked in his baju Melayu that matches my mom's lime hue in our family photo from the solemnization's Photo Diary post.

 •     •     •     •     •     •     •

Hope you enjoyed checking out all of their outfits, thanks for reading this, my lovelies 


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