Celebrating Betty's Happy Adoption Day!

The date 15 December is special for my family since it was the birthdate of my parents' first grandchild, my 10-year-old baby nephew (he'll always be my baby). We've always made a day out of it, filled with a family lunch and dinner, opening of birthday presents and ending with a huge ice cream cake.
Unfortunately, with Covid and lockdowns going on, Shah and I haven't been able to travel back to my hometown for his birthday this year. Thank God for technology and Facetime sessions, I have to say!

But Shah and I still had another special reason to celebrate 15th of December: last year on that date, we became the proud furparents to Betty Boop.

Read the story of how I found and adopted the constantly cranky-looking Betty Boop.

Well, "celebrating" doesn't always have to mean cakes and balloons, so how did we celebrate Betty's Adoption Day? Put her in a party dress and presented extra servings of her favourite wet food and snacks, of course!

Not going to deny that the dress is not at all a treat for Betty, but instead is for the entertainment for us proud furmamma and furpappa — I don't know any pet owner who doesn't find dressing up their pets in human-like clothes hilarious! Thankfully my kitties are pretty laidback about being put in an outfit, which is a dream come true for their mamma who obviously loves dressing up herself.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

If you follow my cats' Instagram (yes I'm that cat mamma) you might have caught the post where I shared that Betty's three furbabies contracted a very persistent type of ringworm a few months ago, so we are still separating them from Betty until it's safe for them all to be together again. 

Hopefully one day I'll be able to do a full-blown photoshoot on all four of my furbabies and share the pics with you all here 


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