Will Repeat Wearing Everything. Well, Except...

These photos are from my "archive", meaning they were taken AGES ago but just never found their way to this corner of the web. Hardly a favourite outfit (hence, temporarily archived) and I doubt I will ever repeat this head-to-toe, but I will repeat wearing every single thing I wear here!
Just, you know, not together.

I have worn this pinstripe grey blazer countless times because they're super thin for a blazer which makes it perfect for our weather here. I mean, when yo gurl wants to wear blazers in hot and humid weather, she wears blazers — but she's also sane enough to not want to faint for fashunnn.

Actually, correction: I will repeat wearing every single thing I wear here except for that clutch. That teeny-tiny lips clutch was not the wisest purchase; five years ago the black lips clutch was still a "vibe" of mine, plus I was in Japan with a habit of collecting just for the sake of collecting and ended up with a few non-practical purchases including this thing.

I mean, who even came up with the idea to design a bag that instead of providing you a drama-free time walking out the door, it makes you sweat over which of your "essentials" are you willing to leave behind and survive without outside of the comfort of your own home?
(Also, why are these tiny clutches mostly, mostly so cute?)
I own a few small bags/clutches but they're the sort that I can really stuff in what I need when I'm outside, most importantly my wallet and iPhone, which most of you can agree with me are the real essentials. This lippy one, though, is good for a lip balm, a small sanitizer bottle, and maybe a pen, but not much else.

Perhaps I should probably pass it down to my niece, what do you think? (Bearing in her mind the possibility her taste is more refined than mine 5 years ago, of course.)

Wearing: Bershka pinstripe blazer  |  H&M t-shirt  |  H&M Mickey Mouse jeans  |  Adidas Samba black sneakers


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