Welcoming 2021: Counting My Blessings

Happy 2021 everyone!
Phew, 2020, what a year that was, wasn't it? 

I've never been the kind of person who creates a list of goals before stepping into a new year so I wasn't about to start doing one for this year! In any case, with how last year went and reading the collective reviews of go-getters on social media, achieving goals no longer became a priority; it was about staying healthy mentally and keeping one's wits about one. 

I prefer to reflect back on the past 12 months. 2020 was a tough year for a lot of us but I am lucky to be in a place of privilege where I didn't have to worry about living in safety and security; admittedly, it's a lot easier for people like me to see the silver linings. I can't imagine how much tougher it was and is for people who were directly affected by Covid-19: those who lost a loved one, lost a job, who had felt lonelier than they've ever been due to self-isolating or quarantining.

But no matter the circumstance we are in, being the human that we are, we all have our own personal struggles. For me, I find that they are easier to deal with by counting the many, many blessings that came my way amidst these more difficult times, as they give me hope and serve as a light for the path I am on in my life.

Here are some of the things I am thankful for:

My good health as well as my family's

I once read a tweet asking people to reply if they know someone with Covid personally and the number of replies was astounding. It shouldn't be, though, because we know the number of cases reached through the roof around the world, so the replies to the tweet should make sense. That being said, I definitely count myself lucky to not know anyone who contracted Covid. 

My loved ones and I have luckily been blessed with good health all throughout last year — and if God is willing I hope it will continue this year and in the years after.

Not having to worry about putting food on the table

When the government ordered a nationwide lockdown, job losses were inevitable due to businesses suffering. There were plenty of human stories about how some people were living from hand to mouth. It made me wonder about how so, so lucky I am to be living comfortably when it wasn't hard work that put me here but merely from the pure luck of having born into this life. 

I don't wish to be rich in materials but I pray that I continue to be rich in my quality of life, as well as the lives of my loved ones, and you, too: for us to always be healthy, happy, and contented.

Finally moving into our house in Johor to be with Shah

After adopting Betty in December 2019, I moved back to our house in Selangor, from the little hotel room Shah and I were staying at in Johor for his job, to take care of our furbaby. Shah and I were apart for months, which was hard on me. We had bought the house in Johor quite early on but what with the lockdown and renovation needed, our move was postponed.

When the number of cases dwindled (before the second wave that we had hoped wouldn't come), I pushed to hasten the renovations and decorations. Honestly, I am so glad I did because I don't want to think about how much longer I'd have to be apart from Shah!

Betty giving birth to the sweetest, cutest kittens

We had NO IDEA Betty was pregnant when we adopted her!  On 02.02.2020, I had the honour of becoming Betty's "midwife" and witnessed four of the most adorable kittens ever birthed being birthed. Unfortunately, the fourth one only lived for a day but thinking about that nerve-racking day, I'm grateful I have three more beautiful furbabies to call ours.

Read Betty's adoption story here.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Counting your blessings is not an act of self-serving but to remind you that no matter how bad things might seem, there are many good parts in your life that are worth persevering for, worth preserving, and worth fighting for to make them even better. The world we live in is, sadly, the kind of place where there's always someone out there who has much lesser than you do. Whenever you're feeling dejected, just hold on tight to the good things that are already in place in your life.

Hopefully, the thankfulness that results from this act can encourage us to be more empathetic to others and to give back wherever and wherever we can.

So, please, share with me: what is ONE of your notable blessings from last year?

Just to share the reminder that Covid does not discriminate and definitely does not comprehend the concept of time (cuz, you know, we have brains and it doesn't), so as the virus is still as dangerous as it was last year, remember to stay safe, socially-distance yourself at all times, wash your hands always, and wear a mask out; you are saving lives — yours and others — by doing all these.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

To those who are self-isolating due to lockdowns, I hope you have a bubble of supporting system around you. If you ever feel lonely and want someone to chat with, my inbox and IG dm are always open! 

I hope we all have a wonderful year ahead. Peace and love from me 


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