Moving Forward With Style Journaling

I have to admit: I don't a 100% know how to proceed with journaling about style as per usual. My desire to share my modest outfits diminished at the start of 2020 (I'm chalking it up to being responsible for a bunch of handful furbabies) but I rediscovered my joy to dress up towards the end of last year. Moving forward, though, the "how" is the real question. 

A couple of factors I'm considering:

  1. I barely go out nowadays, aside from taking my cats to the vet and/or grocery-shopping. And even when I am out, I find it easier to just throw on one of Shah's old shirts, a pair of jeans, and slip into one of the same two Adidas sneakers every single time.
  2. 98% of my clothes and shoes and bags are back at my first house in my hometown — and with no plans to drive 4 1/2 hours to retrieve them anytime soon, I think you'd get pretty bored seeing the same 2% I have here over and over again.

I'm still figuring it out but for now let's lay out the positives: I am nowhere close to sharing the entire 2% of the stuff I have here (but maybe sharing pics of tattered oversized shirts isn't appealing?), and the inside of my house isn't the worst place to take photos in.
So...that's the plan...for now.

Check out this pink wrap top + white jeans outfit created from the 2% pile

I did however put in a little bit of effort one time late last year on one of our vet visits, wearing a cat print top and my black wide-legged pants — as in not Shah's old shirt and not one of my worn-out jeans. I stuck with my Adidas sneakers, of course.

This might have been the longest period of time without me switching bags, so this Adidas backpack will probably continue to be my bestie for a while more!

Before I sign off, I want to say that it's unfortunate I couldn't do enough outfit shoots in 2020 to create yearly lists of my top favourite outfits and the bloopers from shoots, as I had done for the past few years. But here are my top 10 favourite outfits of 2019 (I love those outfits so much still) and the photoshoot bloopers from the same year, so check those posts out! 


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