My 2019 Photoshoot Bloopers

As per usual, not one photoshoot I did last year went without a hitch, but the more important things to remember are:
(1) It was genuinely fun experimenting with my style and documenting the outfits that resulted from it, and
(2) I thankfully have a FREE and (somewhat) willing photographer (and sometimes two) to shoot all those outfits for me.
PS: Many thanks to my husband and younger sister xoxoxo

Obviously, I didn't learn much from the bloopers that happened in 2018 but I have a feeling this kind of thing is not and will never be a learning experience, because those bloopers existed in 2017, too. I will always blink midway through a snap, I will get distracted by strangers passing, I will always display awkward poses (especially when I'm aware of strangers glancing), etc. etc. etc..

But I suppose, looking on the bright side, I can always compile those weird photos into a blog post, amirite?

Without further ado, please, enjoy this presentation of my collection of bloopers from the many photoshoots I did in 2019. Cringe, laugh, confused, whatever, I welcome all emotions that come with the pictures!

I hope you'll ALL continue to visit The Good Weekender blog this 2020! Much love, and see you guys soon 


  1. Haha, it’s brave and sweet at the same time for you to put up your blooper pictures. I think it happens to everyone. I can so relate to it because I always get awkward while getting clicked so I end up with pics with psycho smiles or wearing weird expressions.

    1. I cannot imagine this NOT happening to people who have their outfits taken! I bet even supermodels have half-shut eyes in a couple photos.

  2. Half of my photos from one session consists of photos like these! I can't say these are my favourite but they definitely make editing a lot more interesting =D

  3. Sweet girl, this was such a smile-inducing post. I love that you did a compilation of in-between poses because they're so relatable. Whatever the pose you hold, your sense of fashion remains fabulously bold! I kept looking at every outfit and loved every style expression you incorporated in each one!


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