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My 2019 Photoshoot Bloopers

As per usual, not one photoshoot I did last year went without a hitch, but the more important things to remember are:
(1) It was genuinely fun experimenting with my style and documenting the outfits that resulted from it, and
(2) I thankfully have a FREE and (somewhat) willing photographer (and sometimes two) to shoot all those outfits for me.
PS: Many thanks to my husband and younger sister xoxoxo

Obviously, I didn't learn much from the bloopers that happened in 2018 but I have a feeling this kind of thing is not and will never be a learning experience, because those bloopers existed in 2017, too. I will always blink midway through a snap, I will get distracted by strangers passing, I will always display awkward poses (especially when I'm aware of strangers glancing), etc. etc. etc..

But I suppose, looking on the bright side, I can always compile those weird photos into a blog post, amirite?

Without further ado, please, enjoy this presentation of my collection of bloopers from the many photoshoots I did in 2019. Cringe, laugh, confused, whatever, I welcome all emotions that come with the pictures!

I hope you'll ALL continue to visit The Good Weekender blog this 2020! Much love, and see you guys soon 


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