Oversize My Tops & Widen My Pants, Please

As a hijabi, I think it's a true blessing that I have a natural affinity for oversized tops. It certainly makes dressing up modestly more enjoyable, and not simply a requirement.

I've owned this oversized grey top for maybe about seven years now and it still remains one of my favourite tops of all time. Well, to be more precise, Shah has owned it for that long, but I wear it more often than he does, that's for sure. It's one of those tops that go with EH-VERRR-RYTHING — at least, in my head it does! With pants, jeans, skirt, jeans AND skirt, you name it, babe.

Another thing I gravitate towards in dressing up as a hijabi? Wide-legged pants. Dress 'em casual, dress 'em fancy.
So versatile, so good.

Wearing: Edwin men's sweater  |  Topshop plaid wide-legged pants  |  & Other Stories pearl box bag  |  Zara chunky sneakers


  1. Salamoualaykoum
    I love your blog, we have the same tastes and what you shared is an inspiration to me, thanks! From a new (french) follower from Tunisia ❤

    1. Waalaikumsalam Aude,

      I'm so glad to have a new follower! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I know I haven't updated this space too much lately but I hope you'll come check in in the future for new posts!

      Love from Malaysia <3

  2. I'm absolutely in love with the neutral color palette of your outfit here. I think your hub's sweater is meant for you. The flowy outfit silhouette you wear is just bomb in every way. I keep coming back to simply be enthralled by your fashion sense! You look beautiful as always :D xoxo


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