Keeping in line with one of the reasons I blog about my outfits, I thought it might be a good idea to go one step further and actually re-wear some of the outfits I've blogged in the past and re-blog them again here on The Good Weekender.

I was especially inspired to do so after reading this article on; the phrase "Serial Outfit Repeater" specifically caught my eyes because I've always thought of myself as one. But to find that a Vogue fashion writer (we sort of share the same name, too) is also diligently repeating outfits so often they have become her uniform is sort of eye-opening and refreshing, to say the least.

I may not have a uniform per se — although I'd say this outfit style is close enough to one for me — but I do repeat a lot of my outfits.

And I mean, A LOT, honestly; it's just you don't see it in my little virtual space here!

I loved so many of my previous outfits in The Good Weekender but I thought this oversized grey sweater and my lipstick-print maxi skirt would be a good start. I wore the same sweater + maxi skirt combo in late 2016, with a printed scarf for my hijab and my white red-accented Stan Smith sneakers — which, by the way, was the very first time I had worn those sneakers.

This time around I went down the chunky platform sneaker route (disclaimer: still am obsessed with them) and switched the printed scarf with a plain red one.

I also wanted to play out the grey of the sweater more so my grey suede box bag was perfect for just that.

Wearing: Edwin men's grey sweater  |  Mirrorcle lipstick print maxi skirt  |  Zara chunky platform sneakers  |  Suede box bag from Haji Lane, Singapore

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I gave myself one rule for future posts in this "Serial Outfit Repeater" series: the top and the bottom parts of the outfit have to be the exact same things in the previous and current posts. (A dress or a onesie piece will not qualify.)

If the top part of an old outfit consists of two layers, e.g. a t-shirt and a blazer, wearing just one of them will still fit the rule, as long as I re-wear the same pair of jeans or skirt or whatever I paired with the top part in the older post.

The point is to not one-up the previous ensemble, but rather to show how you can play around with the pieces in your wardrobe to breathe fresh air into an old look!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

So what do you think of this restyle?
Do you prefer the new styling of the lipstick print skirt or the older styling? I will let you know my personal choice in the reply to your comment!

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