Shah and I had probably the most chill and unconventional Eid al-Adha celebration we've ever had with my family a couple of Sundays ago. Our usual Eid "itinerary" did not take place e.g. instead of eating the usual local Eid food like nasi himpitrendangkuah kacang, and lodeh for Eid breakfast, we ate waffles instead. My mom's Eid cooking is ah-MAY-zing but her waffles are legendary; it's what I'd usually request on my birthday mornings!

We all spent most of the day at home just lounging around watching fun movies, entertaining our niece Arya with movies she's never watched; Shah chose The Croods to show her and I went with Matilda afterwards.

Which, may I add, was a bigger success than Shah's choice. None of my family members had seen Matilda either (I KNOW RIGHT) and they were all laughing throughout the movie. I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan, with Matilda being my absolute favourite book so perhaps when Arya is older I'll be able to convince her to read it too.

We had hot chocolate and sticky date pudding at one of our favourite restaurants during teatime (again, very out of ordinary for Eid — or should I say out of "Eid-inary" hew hew) before finishing our Eid celebration with watching Get Out late at night. (Honestly, how our Eid turned into a Netflix movie marathon, I do not know.)

My least favourite movie genre is horror/thriller (movies by my bae Tim Burton not included because his movies are in their own genre) so I imagine my siblings were thrilled they finally succeeded in making me watch it.
FYI, I absolutely loved the movie. (Maybe I should try It next?)

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

And now on to my Eid outfit, consisting of a beautiful floral embroidered kimono-inspired abaya I bought in Mecca and en electric blue scarf to match the embroidery. I have plenty of beaded black abayas so to own an intricately embroidered one feels quite special, really.

A touch of concealer, some brow-filling and swipes of red lipstick to complete my simple look and I was Eid-ready!

Wearing: Floral embroidered abaya from Mecca  |  Zara leather mules (the same ones I wore with the "donut" rainbow caftan on the 2nd day of Eid al-Fitr)

I absolutely adore these extra-modest accented black abayas! Click on each image below to see more of my favourites:
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