Around The Web | McDonald's Fries Tee & Non-Pyjama Polka Dot Suit

The more I look at my polka dot suit, the more it looks like a pyjama set, honestly. Let me just bravely put that out there, OK? But the fact that it's just so comfy (I mean, a matchy-matchy thin suit to wear in hot and humid Malaysia COUNT ME IN) and cute-as-a-button (in my eyes) just makes me care less that the blazer and pants look more suited for a good night's sleep rather than on the streets.

But if it's good enough for the French Riviera, it's good enough for anywhere else, right?

Also, hands up if you're into my kitschy McDonald's Fries Tee because ah I'm LOVIN' IT ♡ 

To eagle-eyed readers YES I did wear another french fries t-shirt at the French Riviera with this suit. One way to convey to the world that I'm a regular french fry-lover, is it not? In fact, I could really use a basket of 'em right about now...

Note: Preferably stringy and a little crispy on the outside, please. And salty. Would not say no to truffle toppings.

Now, before my craving for salty truffle fries gets any more urgent, here are some of the subjects around the web that have caught my eyes:

1. Suffering Unseen: The Dark Truth Behind Wildlife Tourism

I recently saw someone on Instagram — whom I admire, might I add — sharing a photo of her sitting beside a tiger on a vacation. I was appalled and disappointed. In this era of social media, I just assumed everyone would have at the very least a slight sense of "wokeness" about the abuse wildlife animals have to endure to entertain tourists. It reminded me of this article by National Geographic I read months ago that also touches the sad reality of questionable so-called sanctuaries.

If you only have time to read ONE thing today (after skimming my casual post, I mean), this should be it. It's quite in-depth so take your time.

2. These Portraits Of Insects Aren't Actually Insects At All

On a lighter note, and also posted by National Geographic, aren't these "portraits" breathtaking? I've always been envious of people with natural artistic instincts and Raku Inoue is definitely one of them.

3. The Em Dash Divides

Have any of you noticed my love for the dashing em dash? Can't stop, won't stop — using the em dash, I mean!

4. Absurd Creature Of The Week: The Parasitic Worm That Turns Snails Into Disco Zombies

This article popped up on my Twitter timeline recently even though it's about five years old. WARNING: it will most probably give you a heck of goosebumps, so do not click on this if the sight of creepy crawlies grosses you out.
On the other hand, it is educational and makes you truly wonder at the intricacy of nature.

5. The Little Women Trailer Is Here!

Not an article to read but oh em gee, guys, the Little Women trailer is finally here! I absolutely loved the book and its sequel Good Wives. The story may have been written over a century ago (!) but it's an ageless one that invites re-reads, over and over again. 
Movie adaptations of Little Women had been done before but I never sought to watch any of them. But this Little Women movie stars the Saoirse Ronan (LOVE Saoirse!) and Emma Watson and is directed by Greta Gerwig. It's coming out on Christmas later this year but I suspect (and hope dearly) it'll be worth the wait.
Have you watched any Little Women movie adaptation? Let me know if there's one that you feel evoke the sentiments of the book because I'd love to watch it.

6. Is Fashion Blogging Vain, Shallow and Narcissistic?

It is as if Samantha — of the blog Fake Fabulous and one of my favourite bloggers — is writing about why I blog in her post. Her pretty eloquent explanation of why she blogs about her outfits really does align perfectly with the reasons I blog.
Hope you enjoy the links included here, and have a good week ahead, beauties!

Wearing: Topshop polka dot blazer & matching pants  |  Zara McDonald's t-shirt  |  Satin ribbon mules from Haji Lane, Singapore  |  Candy-wrapper bag from Jonker Street, Melaka (first seen with this pinstriped blazer)


  1. Goodness but you are TOO CUTE !! This little polka dot set with the unexpected ode to McDonald's fries is just the right quirky blend of fun. I can understand why you'd love anything modest and light weight.
    This set could accommodate SO MANY versatile stylings that I can't wait to see you in more!! Love, Jude

    PS. Loved your comment on Samantha's recent "narcissism" topic. Hope you'll check mine out too! :-)

    1. It's hard to spot lightweight suits that can accommodate our weather here better so this dotty pair definitely deserves a special place in my wardrobe.

      Samantha's post is just brilliant, isn't it? I will most definitely check out your comment there!


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