I certainly didn't think my new favourite bag would come from Jonker Street in Melaka, the unlikely place for people to hunt for current fashion trends. Trinkets and knickknacks, sure, but your latest favourite handbag?

Nu-uh, not on Jonker Street. And yet here is a locally handmade bag with little bubblegum, snacks and candy wrapper folded and wrapped around it for its exterior, no less, from a little unassuming stall, dangling from my arm.

Initially I thought about pairing the quirky bag with an all-black outfit (I'm into monochromatic outfits now, FYI) but the yellow in the bag made me think of my mustard yellow scarf, and that made me think of my recently dug Gudetama sweater (dug from the depth of my own closet, that is).

I also added these champagne mules and my favourite matchy grey pinstriped blazer (correction: my ONLY pinstriped blazer, actually) to streamline the look a little bit more for my day out.

By the way, do you guys know Gudetama? If you don't, Google it — or even better, look for its short clips on YouTube, it'll amuse you endlessly. Gudetama is a "lazy" egg character birthed in Japan who comes in many forms of uncooked and cooked eggs (it's the yolk, obviously) and it is so adorable that it has a large cult following, all over the world.

I fell hard for Gudetama in Japan and managed to acquire a bunch of its merchandise on my trips back and forth to Japan years ago including this sweater, a comic book (in Japanese, but easy enough to understand the illustrations), and even a handbag.

PS: You can also glimpse Gudetama in this InstaLiyana post, ahhh good ol' Tokyo times!

Coming back to my candy-wrapper bag: I actually thought people around me would hate its guts but it actually got complimented a lot, so perhaps I overestimated the kitschiness of this bag and underestimated its adorableness...

Wearing: Gudetama sweater from Tokyo  |  Bershka pinstriped blazer  |  Zara jeans  |  Wrapper bag from Jonker Street, Melaka  |  Mules from Haji Lane, Singapore

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