(Almost) Monochromatic in White

I used to be so afraid of wearing white, which was the result of fear of accidentally:
(1) spilling a drink on myself,
(2) splattering food on myself,
(3) plopping my butt on a stain, and
(4) people spilling stuff on me.
PS: Don't get me started on how scary wearing white pants during that time of the month is, yikes.
    Obviously, all four things are equally as undesirable as when I don't wear white, but white will just show too much, guys.
    I can't say I am no longer afraid, but I suppose I just got a whole lot of less afraid as the pull to wear white got stronger and stronger after seeing my favourite style people on Instagram donning their favourite whites.

    Ahhh, the power of social media.
      Aside from wearing (almost) all white now, I'm definitely becoming a fan of these slightly monochromatic looks.
      How about you?

      Wearing: Padini men's white shirt  |  Mango frayed white jeans  |  Zara mules  |  Monki pyramid tote  |  Lovisa earrings

      See more style in white by clicking on each image below:


        1. I've a monochromatic look for a long, long time! I actually enjoy the challenge of find pieces that match well and you absolutely can't beat the slimming power of a column of color!!
          Your white look with black accessories is great Liyana! Think of all the fun ways you could change this up with other accent colors. FUN!!!
          LOVE, JUDE

          1. I really should experiment with monochromatic looks more; I've seen women on Instagram so it with bold colours like yellows and pinks and they look fantastic!

            About this outfit, I think I would prefer to match the white jeans with a bigger, oversized white shirt! Time to dive into Shah's closet...

        2. Loving the all white look.So nice, crisp and clean.This is a great look that I would rock.

          1. Thank you, Sophie, glad you like this look! I'll probably wear a lot more whites after this, too.

        3. You look uber chic, girl. I can relate on all the points as to why you stayed away from wearing all-white. I can't even keep my white shirt white! I ruined my only fav tee with a V-neck and the most comfy fabric by washing it together with a pair of pants in red that it became pink. Only that the pink ain't consistent! Hahah. Love the bag and shoes and as always, you slayed it! :) xoxo

          1. Thank you, Shanaz <3

            Well, I can't exactly say I'm stellar at keeping my white things white myself, but I'm working on it! Stain remover liquid is my bestie in the laundry room =D

            I've had pale things turning pink in the washing machine in the past too gurl, happens to the best of us!


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