Which Match Better: Sneakers or Booties?

Let me let you in on a little secret: I wore sneakers on my trip to the French Riviera but changed to my booties when it was time to take outfit photos — and then proceeded to change them again halfway through my walk in Monaco.

Oops, the secret's out!

Don't get me wrong, I definitely do not carry around an extra pair of shoes whenever I travel — I'm not at all that high maintenance! It's just that it's not every day I get to physically be in three beautiful places in one day, so there was just a desire to make the photographing experience a little saucier, you know?

But mainly, I was torn between comfort and aesthetics. When I bought this polka-dot suit, I imagined wearing it with my polka-dot booties, but I simply couldn't swallow the idea of traipsing around all day long in pointy booties. Can you imagine the blisters? But then again, I've worn my white Stan Smith multiple times on my Italy trip and didn't want to have them on in yet another outfit post.

(Ahhh, the life of a style blogger, eh?)

So I just decided to have the best of both worlds: by asking Shah to carry my booties (and then sneakers, then back to booties) in his backpack. All was well!

    But, a question for you:
    Do you prefer to match the polka-dot suit with the polka-dot black booties or with the white Stan Smith sneakers?

    Let me know which you prefer by commenting below!


    1. Your penchant for dots and spots is very cool! :-) This outfit has a quirky sophistication that is very appealing. I can feel your fun personality shouting for recognition here!! Love, Jude

      1. Thank you Judy! That's why why it's such a delight that polka dots are "back on trend", because I love seeing pretty polka dotted things in store that more people can wear.

    2. I don't know if this is a duplicate comment, but please delete this if it is. Now, I love both shoe options. I'm all about comfort and there is just adding a pair sneakers to a suit that adds a bit of fun to an outfit. However, can I talk about how freaking awesome this whole outfit is from head to toe. This is my favorite outfit you have worn yet, Lianya! It just perfect for Monaco. I love the polka dots, and the cherry on top of this outfit is the big floppy hat. I love big floppy hats, they are so classy and dramatic.

      1. Thank you for your comment dear Gigi <3 I'm pleased that you like this outfit as much as I do.

        I love floppy hats too! The thing is, even though my country is hot, people don't really walk around wearing floppy hats, even though they should for extra sun protection. Because of that I get excited when I travel and get the opportunity to take this hat out; it really does add a real "something" to my outfit.


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