I feel like my fourth trip to Tokyo was the most productive out of all tripsshopping-wise, that isand I have to say this camouflage jacket plays a big part in it.

It was really hot when we arrived in Tokyo early August but a few days before we were due to leave, the temperature dropped slightly and suddenly layering was already ideal. Shah and I always made full use of our last day in Tokyo by going out from early morning to an hour before our van arrives to take us to the airport, and Tokyo Skytree Tower was the first thing on our itinerary this last day. I had to plan my outfit early as there won't be enough time to change for my flight, which means I would be wearing that outfit for almost 24 hours straight.

Everybody wants to be comfortable on a long flight; for me, an extra layer usually helps in that department as the cabin can get a little chilly for me, so it was the perfect day for me to throw on this camouflage jacket that I scored from Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari just days before.

I loved seeing other girls pulling off camo but I just honestly never really thought it was for methat is, until I spotted a girl on the train on my way to Mitsui Outlet in an army green jacket, and I thought "OK that's one trend I think I'm ready to try". 

It's kind of funny and weird how these moments make their way into my life, like "Military trend? Oh no, not for me" and in one second I see a cool-looking girl rocking that exact trend in front of me and I'd be like "SOLD".

I was game for anything army after that moment and, what do you know, it was fate that there was this one lone camo jacket was sitting on a rack amongst a bunch of beigey autumnal coats. Just waiting for me, it seemed. I believe in closet fate a hundred percent, guys. (p/s: Closet fate is a real thing)

I had the littlest amount of makeup possible with only a little concealer, sheer lipstick and clear eyebrow gel, because the idea of being on a 6-hour flight with makeup layered on my face isn't attractive to me at allI could almost feel my pores clogging up just thinking about it! Comfy is key, guys!

Under RM150
Adidas Relace Low sneakers

Under RM100

Saloon camo jacket (Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari)
Gudetama bag

Under RM50

Ciaopanic DouDou pinstripe pants (Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari)


  1. Hello beauty I love your Jacket!
    Kisses from

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Happy that someone else likes it too xo


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