Four little cutesy things and two big beauty buys from Tokyo.

If there is one thing I learned from my Tokyo trips, the makeup and beauty aisles at the local pharmacies / drugstores can be overwhelming; they're just absolutely crammed with products and if you don't speak and read Japanese, chances are you'd either:
- give up and not buy anything, or
- buy too many things that you don't need (or even really want later on)

To have Internet on the go would be the best thing when you're makeup-and-beauty-shopping but I never did have that in Japan (didn't have a proper real need for it, to be honest), so a little pre-study on the best of the best of Japanese beauty things is always necessary for me before I make my my trips to the pharmacies.

One thing about the makeup scene is Malaysia is we get lots of brands from Japan and Korea, two of the countries with leading makeup industries in Asia, so basically this fact = AWESOME. The four little things I have here are all available in Malaysia (you can find them in Sasa or Watsons), and they are:
  • Canmake Cream Cheek blush in shade 14
  • Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara (Super Waterproof)
  • Heroine Make Mascara Remover
  • Kate Eyebrow Color in BR-1
If they're all in Malaysia, why did I even bother lugging them all the way from Japan, you ask?

Well, just like how Zara is cheaper is in its birthcountrythese makeup products are total bargains in Japan! Each of them costs RM10-15 cheaper than its retail price in Malaysia, so I've saved quite a bit there.

But you can't have everything you want in life, like the time and money to go to Japan whenever you want just to top up your depleted makeup goodies, so at least us Malaysians have the opportunity to re-stock locally!

Aside from the four little makeup things, I bought a bottle of the infamous (well, it's supposed to be infamous there) Natural Aqua Gel Cure (or is it Cure Natural Aqua Gel...?) and this humongous bottle of Shiseido shampoo as well.

I might do a review on some of these products so keep your eyes peeled!