My Travel Winter Looks Over The Years

Just the other day, Shah asked me, "When do you think we'll be travelling again?" Well, that is one hypothetical question I cannot even flourish a hypothetical answer around; Malaysia's number of daily cases is through the roof right now so for Shah and me, even crossing district borders for our usual grocery-shopping/vet excursion is out of the question.

His question, however, prompted us to take a trip down memory lane. We had travelled to plenty of wonderful cities around the world and that fact has us constantly in wonderment ourselves. It may be a bit of an over-exaggeration to say this (but only a bit!): if it weren't for the photos we took while we were at those places, those trips would feel like a dream to us.

Somehow all the reminiscing made me think about the multiple-layered outfits I wore to four-season countries during winter. Oddly my train of thought went to fashion from there, but I'm suessing it had something to do with seeing people posting on Instagram talking about how they're keeping warm at the moment in their country! Either way, that thought was sparked when Shah and I were talking about how breathtaking Nami Island was in the winter that we went (the show Winter Sonata did not fake any of the portrayals of Nami Island's beauty, let's just say), but I remembered how SO COLD it was that day.

Then I thought about how warm(ish) I was in like five layers of clothing, with my trusty green puffer jacket as the outermost layer; that puffy green thayng is probably the least stylish of all my jackets but I'd like to think I managed to look cute(ish) that day! And, dang, now I actually miss wearing it, I can't believe it myself.

There are many winter looks that I loved wearing but I have to say, my ultimate favourite winter piece is the long camel varsity-like coat, which I evidently wore the most often — so versatile, so snappy. For now, I'm sharing my favourite travel winter looks over the years that I've shared on this blog, but I'll also be continuing to dream about the time when I'm able to take out my winter jackets again for future winter trips around the world.

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Thank you for reading this post, hope you're all staying safe wherever you are! Until my next post 


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