Never Made Scones Before? You Should Give THIS Scones Recipe A Go

One can't help but crave certain food when one's self-isolating, can one? I'll tell you two things of the many things I keep thinking about, being stuck here in Johor for months and months: (1) My Mak's cooking (oh my God I miss her chicken soup and masak lemak cili api), and (2) pavlova from a restaurant back at home.

Whenever I get hit by these cravings, the alternative would be to whip it up myself — and be contented with a second-rate copy of whatever it is.

But, hey, something is better than nothing, right?

Occasionally I dream about a batch of warm, crumbly scones — do you ever dream that? I daydream scones a lot, and usually in my daydreams they're recklessly heaped with clotted cream on top of a generous dollop of jam, paired with a huge mug of tea. Now, where am I going to get scones in this town? So whenever I feel like devouring scones, baking them is the only thing yo gal could do!

Check out the recipe here: Authentic British Scones

This is the only scones recipe I've ever tried and I'm definitely planning to try others, but this one is so easy and hassle-free that I've been sticking with it all these while. It's the perfect starting point for those who have never attempted to bake scones — like me before — in my opinion!

Also: I've never made my own clotted cream as it is best to use non-ultra pasteurized heavy cream to make it, which is an ingredient I have never ever seen in any supermarket, plus the 12-hour oven time scares me. Thankfully some of the higher ends supermarkets carry this one clotted cream in a jar, and it tastes perfectly nice to me!

Thank you for reading this post, and good luck on whipping up your very own batch of scones! I promise you, it's as easy as can be. Until my next post 


  1. I love cream tea. I baked some scones last christmas for afternoon tea with Sarah.
    XO Tina

    1. Ahhh scones for Christmas sounds FABULOUS <3

  2. Tea, scones, pastries, please count me in! I have never made these but I'm with you about the daydreaming of something crumbly and buttery while sipping hot tea/coffee. Yummy! Your teapot and things are such a mood. I've never heard of clotted cream but it sounds good hahaha :D Thanks for making me hungry at this ungodly hour, Liyana :D xoxo

    1. I think I learned about scones when I visited Cameron Highland years ago and people said "You MUST try the scones there!" I got hooked, and whenever I craved them I would go to Dome, thankfully their scones are decent enough. Now, of course, I just make them, so thankful they're easy enough to bake! *grateful crying face emoji* Shah is not a fan of clotted cream so he would slather his scones with butter and jam, which is another way I enjoy them!

      As for my teapot set, isn't it the cutest??? I got them not long after I got married so it must be like 8-9 years old at least? It's one of the "grown-up" things I own in my kitchen in my opinion!


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