My Latest Home Decor Things That Passed The KIV Stage

The other day as Shah was unwrapping one of my freshly-delivered packages, he asked, "So when are you going to stop buying knick-knacks for the house?" My immediate answer was something along the line of "Um......never?"

One of the things I planned for this house's decoration when I decorated this house — alongside the multitude of colours sprinkled around in all the major spaces, including my colourful living room — is I want my home decor to have that feeling of being eclectically lived-in, and my idea of that look includes organized clutter.

There's a fine line between organized clutter that looks pretty and plain old clutter, and while I can't tell you I know exactly where the line is or how it looks like, I'm learning it myself as I go! 

Currently, whenever I spot something online (online is the way for me for now!) that piques my interest, I would KIV it first to weigh the pros and cons: Would I love it after a month? How about after 6 months, and further down the line? Would I be able to utilize it in some way, or is it just purely decorative? Or better yet, can it be both? (Ideally it must be!)
More importantly, is it within my budget?

If you follow me on Instagram, some of the pics may look familiar to you! Here are some of my latest home decor things that have passed the KIV stage and made it into the house:

Hot pink three-prong candle holder from Ikea's 2017 collection ⤳
Striped black and white vase ⤳
Bulbous candle holder from Ikea's recent Dekorera collection ⤳
Cube bubble candle in light blue ⤳

Is it a surprise I have plenty more "knick-knacks" on my KIV list? They include a couple of vases and possibly a little lamp to go on my console table, but we'll have to see which ones tick the most boxes!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thanks for reading, until my next post 


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