My Very Colourful Kitchen Corner

What do you think of this extremely colourful wall here? Refreshing? Chaotic? Vibrant? Blinding? Fun?
Or perhaps you're thinking along the lines of "Omg was this wall done this way...on purpose?".

It's not hard to imagine how this crazy colourful wall in my kitchen divides people into (at least) two different groups: you'd either hate it or kind of totally dig it. (And if you're in the former group, don't worry, my sometimes eccentric tastes and I won't hold it against you.)

My kitchen cabinets are white with black hardware and while I like the minimal look my kitchen offers, the one completely bare white wall kept bothering me. Aside from skirting at the bottom and a few hooks to hang my oven mitts, it was totally devoid of anything else.

I thought about what to do with the wall, but months passed by and no action was taken. And then came a point when I was forced to actually get the balls rolling during one of the lockdowns when Shah went and bought about three pans, two woks, and one pot in the space of one week or so. 

I like being in charge of what goes where so I was left to figure out how to store them all in the already-tight kitchen storage. But since this happened due to Shah taking over most of cooking duties starting from last year during one of the lockdowns (thank God he enjoys cooking since I don't), yo girl's not going to complain about the extra organizing work! (And by "work", I mean more like "online browsing and shopping", really.)

Long story short, that was how I came to have this mishmash of storage solutions from Ikea. But why stop at the cabinets, right? I had a bunch of extra paintings to hang — some were done yours truly, too — so I decided to collect even more colourful wall arts, like those postcards with illustrations of the snacks from our childhood, and taped them on the wall together.

Left, "Flowers In A Striped Jug Vase": My first "serious" art, which actually looks different than the original as it sadly got messed up during varnishing and had to be fixed (doesn't look too bad though, I think!)
Right, colourful abstract: My favourite piece I did to match the colours around my kitchen, done on a stretched canvas

My very colourful kitchen corner now makes this space an extra happy place for us to be in now, and I'm now pleased at how the kitchen finally ties in with the rest of the colourful areas of the house.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed this little corner's tour! Stay safe everyone. Until my next post 


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