Floral Print Midi Dress & Sock Boots | Our 12th Nikah / Solemnization Anniversary

And suddenly, our nikah/solemnization ceremony turns 12 years old. I wanted to say "Ahhh how time flies!" but changed my mind because, well, how cliche, right. But in all seriousness though: HOW TIME FLIES, GUYS. The fact that Shah and I have been married for over a decade feels surreal sometimes because it hasn't felt that long at all — which is good, I think, so alhamdulillah 

I think Shah and I are like a lot of couples where we celebrate a milestone by eating Good Food. (Or taking a good vacation/staycation, amirite?)

Last year we had Good Food at our usual hang-out spot (check the place out + my Colour-block outfit!) but with the pandemic rules loosening a bit now, we wanted to take a chance at trying out a never-been-before restaurant that's still near where we live. There were a couple of choices (literally a couple, as in two — we live in a really small town!) but since I was feeling Western, we opted for a place named Sea.Fire.Salt. I went without expectations and came out pleased with every dish we ordered and the service provided, so Shah and I had a lovely little celebration. 

I dressed up properly in who knows how long, wearing a Mango floral print midi dress I got earlier this year which I first wore when I got my second vaccination shot, pairing it with my favourite sock boots from Zara that feel more like sneakers — by the way, the same pair of shoes I wore with my colour-block outfit during our anniversary last year, I just realised this coincidence until I typed up this post!

Also, this feels like something worthy of sharing: I actually put on MAKEUP YALL. I haven't worn makeup in so long that if my concealer were a live being, it would be asking me, "Where have you been gurl??"

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I'm currently back in my hometown and it feels good to be seeing my family again. I hope your week has been great, and may you have a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Thanks for reading this lil catch-up! Until my next post 


  1. Thank you for the wish, Humaira! <3 Alhamdulillah the food tasted absolutely delicious, and I was happy to have an excuse to wear the dress out =D


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