Happy 2022!

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to this new year, and that you are able to reflect back on last year with more positivity than anything else. I'm guessing like a lot of people, 2021 was filled with both happiness and sorrow for me. 

Seeing my family members again "in-real-life" after almost a year of communicating through the screen only was a highlight — only for our family to receive some bad news around that time. I'm not sure if the news is something I will share here — perhaps not just yet — but, for my family and me, I am hoping you could send prayers of health and well-being our way.

A heartbreaking moment for me was my darling furbaby Gandalf passing away, four months after he was diagnosed with HCM. My heart aches for him even to this day. As painful as losing him was, I know for a fact that having his presence in my life and Shah's, even for that short one year and five months, meant everything to us. He made our lives truly so much more wonderful. I am grateful that we have his sisters, Moshi and Nobu, and his mummy, Betty, to kiss and hug a little tighter on those days when I miss Gandalf extra.

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Betty modelling the new cat tree in our living room

I surprisingly discovered a "creative streak" of sorts in 2021, which was sparked by the process of me spray-painting the metal cabinets I got from Ikea for my kitchen. Although I definitely don't qualify as an "artist", I have to admit that it was nice to unearth something inside of me that I didn't even know was there. I was pretty much free-styling colours and designs on vases and art canvases using acrylic paint and marker, a process that turned out to be quite therapeutic.

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My most colourful vase to date

One of my favourite parts of 2021 was the period when Shah worked from home, which was so amazing and so much fun that I wish it could be an optional ongoing thing! It's good to know how much we genuinely enjoy being around each other — something that we hope will continue on as we grow old together, inshaAllah 

We celebrated our 12th year of marriage last month and for me personally, the best part about celebrating anniversaries and birthdays is the food fest involved. We had the "official" dinner at Sea.Fire.Salt, but we also made time to enjoy some good dim sum and fried rice, plus not to mention the steak dinner Shah cooked for the both of us.

Trying out Din by Din Tai Fung and loving it
Which leads me to another favourite part of 2021: Shah taking over cooking duties, which I am SO psyched about as he is an excellent cook and he whips out dishes I would never care to make ever, like the aforementioned steak. Also: nasi kandar with kari kepala ikan, anyone?

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•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I'm not the type to make any resolution for a new year but if I were to make one, it would just be to become a better human being than I was last year and the years before. Simple as that.

Here's to a brilliant new year for us all! Please continue to stay safe and take care of your well-being, everyone. Loads of love from me 


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