Sally & Marimekko

Finally found an outfit that I feel deserved to be paired with my precious Sally sneakers from the Vans x The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And to those who actually keep up with the latest collabs by Vans or shoe collab news in general, and know when the collab happened: YES, these shoes have just been in their box since the day they came home with me ages ago because I'm weird like that. Pretty weird, when someone has this mantra of some sort in: special shoes deserve special outfits.

Granted, the shoes would probably have found their way on my feet in an outing a lot sooner if it weren't for the pandemic! The way I look at it, I'm now nicely at the stage where I'm reserving some energy at least one weekend out of four every month to dress up and try to look cute, as opposed to piling on Shah's baggy clothes for our grocery outings every single dang time at the height of the pandemic.

Taking this red leopard print skirt I first wore last year out for a spin again, this time pairing it with this pink-purple sweater — a sweater I actually wear a lot with sweatpants, on those three other weekends I mentioned earlier.

Does anyone else have a thing for red-pink or red-purple pairings? I can't get enough of them, so you must understand why I had to have this Adidas x Marimekko waist bag when I spotted it online. Ahhh, to think that we've lived through that one crazy period of time when we had silly rules about what colours do not go with which colours!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thanks for reading peeps, until my next post ❤ Stay safe, as always!


  1. I can see why you're saving the pretty sneakers for a special outfit, girl! As always, you wear the most striking color combos together and this outfit shines in a wonderful way. I love that you went all out with it. It's got the right amount of cozy, chic and edge. I call it the Liyana's style trifecta hahah :D xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Shanaz, that's such a nice compliment to read, honestly <3 I hope you're well and doing good there!


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