Red Leopard Print Skirt & My Junior (!) Adidas Kylo Ren Sneakers

This red leopard-print skirt was one of the few "new" clothing items I had stowed it away in my closet, waiting for the "right" time to wear it.
I said "new" because they're unworn but purchased way before the havoc of the pandemic started, which would I guess would be...getting close to two years ago now? 

Ideally, the "right" time for me to wear the skirt would be when I go back home to PJ and roam around KL for a fun day out with Shah and my family like how we used to do, but, well, I think it's practical to say that that scenario wouldn't be happening in a truly safe environment anytime soon, isn't it? I had to change my idea of "ideal" moment to debut this skirt and that changed into a day months ago (when cases in Malaysia isn't as stupidly high as it is lately), when Shah and I went out to get some fresh air in the vicinity of our little town here.
But I want to talk about my sneakers here. My JUNIOR-sized Adidas sneakers — what a bargain, guys. I bought them way longer than two years ago and I remember the night I got them. My family found out about this huge sale for various sports brands at one of the smaller malls in PJ so we decided to check it out and have dinner afterwards (Nando's!). The sale was done in a big bare room where the shoe section started from the entrance and ended all the way at the back of the room, categorized by sizes, and my siblings and I had so much fun browsing to find the best deals with our dad.

Most of the prices were slashed to less than half-off so to get one pair of perfectly good shoes was the goal for us, but I must mention that my sisters and I also required for them to be cute first and foremost, whereas my ever-practical dad has always been about the fitting, and would spend ages testing any shoes out.

There were plenty of cute shoes around but none of the ones in my size range captured my heart enough. Then I decided to look at the junior section to help browse for my nephew and niece and my eyes caught these Star Wars Kylo Ren pair. I remember being so excited, hoping it could fit my nephew as he is a bit of a Star Wars fan like Shah and me, as well as my big brother — who is actually a SUPER fan of the Star Wars universe, unlike us the casual fans (he is constantly trying to convince our nephew Rayyan that "Boba Fett is a good guy" for some reason).

I checked the inside of the shoes for the size and that was the moment I realized: the length measurement matched my adult-sized Adidas sneakers. Adidas Junior has my size. I do not need to only shop for Adidas' adult shoes from there onwards, as my feet can fit into a Junior pair. What a revelation, especially considering Junior shoes cost a little less!

Check out: Been wanting the classic red-stripes Adidas Superstar sneakers for a while back then so to the junior section I went after this discovery! I first wore them for Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland and wore them recently for more fresh air too.

So, yes, the shoes ended up coming home with me; I literally wore them yesterday during a walk around our neighbourhood for some light exercise with Shah since my original running shoes got ruined, thankfully they're so comfy. Unfortunately that night we couldn't find any other Star Wars shoes (my nephew was unperturbed, but my brother was a little bummed), but my dad did get a good pair and my little sister got one as well.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Looking at these photos of my shoes from months ago, it's (wonderfully) weird they're not just a pair of prized Star Wars sneakers to me; they also bring up all those fond memories I had with my family. I haven't seen them in almost 10 months now since the solemnization of my brother so I miss them dreadfully!

Wearing: Warehouse pyjama-inspired shirt (worn with jeans here and here previously)  |  Topshop red leopard print midi skirt  |  Adidas Star Wars Kylo Ren sneakers  |  Adidas mini backpack

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you're well and staying positive and uplifted, whichever corner of the world you're currently located at at the moment. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself — both mentally and physically, always. Until my next post 


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