No-Egg Pancakes That Taste Really Good (Seriously, they do.)

In this house, eggs are eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (though not in all three meals on the same day, of course!). Even though Shah and I are huge fans of egg dishes, it is not often eggs run out in this house.
But as we all know, there's a first time for everything.

On that particular "first" day I woke up craving pancakes, not knowing we had used our last egg in the days before. But did I give up on pancakes? No, because it must have been on a weekend day and me being such a pancakes-on-weekends-gal, I turned resourceful and leaned on trusty Google to search for "no egg eggless pancake" recipes with a high rating.

I settled on one recipe that has the most reviews with a 4.9 rating and you know what? After whipping out the no-egg pancakes, I was left to wonder why I ever bothered with eggy pancakes in the first place. These eggless ones were, surprisingly, that good.

So good that whenever I felt like having pancakes, this became my go-to recipe, regardless of having a full basket of eggs in our kitchen!

This is the recipe: The Best Eggless Pancakes Ever, but that post originally got it from this site: Fluffy Eggless Pancakes (this original recipe has no salt in it)

They're so easy to make and use ingredients in any regular pancake recipe, except with added water (odd, I know, but there's a reason for it I'm sure), and oil and melted butter (which are perhaps less odd, but both were not in my old favourite basic pancake recipe).

I always double the recipe because Shah and I honestly love these pancakes that much. They're soft, fluffy, yummy, and pretty much no-fail, too; I was most impressed at the fluffy part because for some reason, I never imagine egg-free pancakes could be this fluffy.

I sometimes burn my pancakes a tad because I'm always distracted with my phone or the TV while waiting for my pancakes to cook. You'd think on the day I plan to photograph them I'd be more careful! In any case, they look decent enough (right?) especially since I hid the more burnt ones underneath (this is where I would insert the laughing-crying emoji) but more importantly, they tasted good. They're pretty basic pancakes, but they taste anything but basic!

Check out: My favourite "fancy" pancakes made with blueberries and ricotta cheese

I love eating them with a little bit of honey topped with a pool of pure maple syrup, but, hey, you do you. (Also, legit question: do you eat your pancakes one by one or do you cut them in their stack like you would a layer cake? As you can see, my photo here speaks for my pancake-cutting habit!)

Happy trying, hope you like them as much as I do.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thanks for reading this, and until my next post ❤ Stay safe, everyone!


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