An Outfit NOT For A Walk In The Park

Well, I may not be much of a park person but when you're running errands at a place you rarely frequent that just so happens to be beside a beautiful park...why not be a park person for the day?
(Bonus points if you also happen to have a camera with you for some quick snaps, of course.)

Running errands calls for something casual and easy: I paired that "pyjama" top my MIL really likes with a pair of ripped-hem flare jeans, plus almost zero makeup with that slick of red lippie. Those strappy ballet flats are definitely not my first choice for a walk in the park but thank God they were able to accommodate my need for some fresh air!

Wearing: Mango pyjama inspired shirt  |  Mango flare jeans  |  Mango ballet flats  |  & Other Stories pearl box plaid bag  |  Mango aviator shades


  1. It works sweet girl!
    Breathing fresh air requires nothing by way of ttrendy looks anyway! :-)
    Love, Jude

    1. Most parks are always so beautiful, I think I'd regret NOT wearing a stylish outfit if I happen to get the chance to visit one, ahhh. Anyway I'm glad you approve of this casual getup. Judy! <3

  2. You just made flared jeans bomb again! I have retro bell bottom denims collecting dust and I just feel so awkward wearing them now. I love your styling here with the pyjama top, super laidback and perfect for errand-running. If not for walking then perhaps, this outfit is suited for slow-strolling while taking in fresh air? I'm a sucker for green spaces outdoor and I'm already in love with the park! LOL. Your red-lippie look is perfection! By the way, how do you take your photos when you're out solo errand-running? Just curious! =)

    1. I think flared jeans are the hardest ones to wear, I struggle styling them all the time. I must say I'm glad this pyjama top complements it nicely. Also: yes, slow-strolling is totally my thing, I'm all for it!

      Ahhh I'm sorry if I somehow misled you into thinking I took these photos by myself. I was out running errands with Shah on that day; we went to Shah Alam to buy things for Raya Haji if I'm not mistaken. I never noticed the pretty park next to the PKNS there until that day. (If there wasn't so many huge mosquitoes flying about, we would have hung out in the park longer than we did! Seriously, they were HUGE and scary.)

    2. Oh my goodness, girl, stay away from those giant hungry mosquitoes! I feel like I might have been to this spot before years ago! Thank you for letting me know that Shah was your cameraman, hahah. Your partner takes such gorgeous shots of you. :D xoxo


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