Brown Plaid Blazer & Camel Jeans | Autumnal Vibes

As I'm typing this post, I'm gazing out of this hotel's window at a green field lined with green trees, and beyond that, I see a sliver of brown beach with waves crashing against it. Yep, living #thathotellife currently and very much enjoying it, thank you very much. Even the slight rain isn't dampening my spirit!

It's funny that I'm about to share with you an outfit that has some serious autumnal vibes (or fall vibes, if you prefer) because I've just been on a real summer-like mini-vacation with Shah, my elder sister Fiza and my darling nephew and niece, Rayyan and Arya, that was mostly spent under the hot sun (intermixed with rain  as it's rainy season here in Malaysia!).

We went to the Legoland theme park and the waterpark — our first time ever to a Legoland! — and immensely enjoyed ourselves. I was either in an outfit that's thin enough to withstand the heat or in my modest burkini. Two nights ago we moved to a hotel next to a beach, and now that my sister and her babies have gone back to our hometown, I finally found the time to sit down and come up with this post.
Back to this outfit, I wore this last month when autumn was just making its entrance. Not in hot and humid Malaysia, of course not, but in other parts of the world that I wish I could be in! You might know I have a serious crush on blazers, especially the oversized and boxy kind, so this brown plaid blazer was a welcomed addition to my collection.

Wearing: Brown plaid blazer from Parkson Pavilion  |  Mango camel jeans  |  Topshop leather mules  |  Chloe Mini Marcie sling bag

These camel jeans also filled up a gap in my closet; after getting over my fear of wearing white jeans, I was ready to expand my exclusively blue-and-black jeans collection even further. Can you ever have too many jeans? Answer: Yes, you can, so I'm happy that the jeans section of my closet consists of carefully thought out pairs that I love wearing again and again, including this camel baby.

Out of curiosity: do you like your blazers oversized and boxy or slim and fitting?

See my wide-legged white jeans and slim white jeans here: 
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My Love For LOVE ('LOVE' Monogram Denim Kinomo Top, That Is.)

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  1. Love this outfit! Seriously considering buying these jeans now, but not sure what else I could wear it with? Would love to see you style these jeans again for some inspiration!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Naomi! I'm so glad you love this outfit. I myself am not sure what I'd wear the jeans with again next time, but maybe something simpler, like a plain white/black shirt, or something like that...? Ah well, we'll see! Please do come back again, I appreciate you visiting this little virtual space of mine <3

  2. Oh yay, I found another outfit I missed, lol. As always, I'm in awe with your versatility. I love how you're super comfy in a blazer whether it's slightly fitted or boxy. You look like you're going to kill it in the boardroom! Super chic and also, I must say, I'm feeling your makeup! The oversized style of your outfit feels so fashion and I love it! The pointy kicks seriously add a potent dose of sass. Keep doing you, girl :D xoxo

    1. Ahhh so happy you noticed my makeup as I made extra effort to apply my makeup on this day! I really should be doing "extra" makeup more often =D And yes, I would definitely take this blazer with me into a boardroom if I work in an office somewhere. But since I don't, I guess taking it out onto the streets outside a mall would do!


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