Dressing Up A Dressing Down | Adidas Floral Sweater & Black High-waist Pants

There have been a lot of days when I just wear the first things I see without caring much what the end result is. Seriously, a lot of days.
A. Lot.
(And those days are not documented for this blog, obvs.)

But then there are also days when I just do not have the energy or care enough to dress up but want to look somewhat decent anyway, knowing I will be in a public environment where the chance of me bumping into someone (whose opinion of me I somewhat care about) is pretty high.

I mean, you guys know those days, right? Well, this simple sweater + pants combo is a perfect example of what I'd be wearing on those days.

First of all, I don't know if it's just my obsession with it or if there's a real science to it, but I always find that a simple pair of casual plain black pants is somehow always automatically elevated when it's:
(1) high-waisted, and
(2) wide-legged.

I'm constantly on the lookout for more black pants that tick those two boxes but have yet to succeed, meaning this exact pair I have on here is a treasured piece of mine. Fun fact: I got it from H&M more than FOUR years ago (!).

PS: Check out the first time I wore the pants with a clapboard clutch!

I'm a lover of good quality oversized sweaters, too; just French-tuck one into your pants and you look like you just made an effort dressing up when it is, in fact, your dressing down day.

And, well, I suppose a cool logo sweater doesn't hurt either, amirite? Adidas makes good oversized stylish ones that are perfect for hijabis like me. Their men's sweaters are my jam — although they are a bit too pricey for me. This Adidas x Manchester United by the way is another treasure of mine.

So, what do you dress up in on the days you want to dress down?

Wearing: Adidas floral sweater  |  H&M high-waisted black pants  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Ring from a market in Seoul

Click on each image below to see more black-and-white outfits featuring the same black high-waist pants:


  1. You are relaxed, casual, comfortable, sophisticated and I WANT the top!!!:-)
    Love, Jude

    1. Thank you, Judy! Sorry for the late reply, I couldn't find the time to even turn on my laptop since publishing this post.

      I absolutely adore checking out Adidas sweaters but they're so pricey so I can't get all I wanted! So glad I found this on sale though.

  2. Hmm....when I want to pull off that dressed up in my dressed-down look, I make sure the lips are popping with something in bold red, lashes are curled and the sparse spaces in the brow region are filled up. In terms of the outfit, I like wearing my top tucked in, like how you did with yours here. Instead of a flowy silhouette, I usually go for a fitted look preferably a tee with a pair of comfy mom jeans. You're right though, about high-waisted anything, it makes you feel extra put-together somehow. I need a pair of black high-waisted flares/culottes. They're so versatile! As per usual, your outfit is BOMB and I love the overall athleisure feel! Super effortless, as always ;) xoxo

    1. Thank you Shanaz, glad you like this outfit! Adding red lipstick definitely is a great addition to a dressed down look, yesss. I think tucking in your top also just "adds" something, doesn't it?


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