The Colour Combo I Keep Going Back To: Reds & Pinks/Purples

There have been moments when I'm like oh that colour is pink, and someone would say "No...? It's purple...?". When I bought this dress I thought I'd be buying a red-pink dress but now that I've edited these photos, this dress is clearly purple now. it?

Or is "magenta" a better call?

Then again, I'm not sure why it matters; I've also debated on blues/greens and yellows/oranges (mostly with myself), and truthfully I care too much sometimes about ugh what IS this colour, but only when it comes to talking about it in my blog here.
(I'm less anal about colour names in real life, don't worry. Also, in conclusion, I need to chill about this topic overall...yes.)

I've been loving combining red with pinks and purples, so it's a win-win either way, whatever colour the background of this dress is!

Colours, shades and hues aside, this floral maxi dress was a sweet addition to my collection of maxi dresses. What shawl colour would you pair this dress with, by the way? For some reason, I gravitated towards a dark emerald-ish green (I'm apparently bad at telling colours, remember?) shawl for my hijab.
As for shoes, I just had to wear my red-and-pink (I think it's pink) Adidas x Marimekko sneakers to match the theme of the dress.

Btw, remember when beaded bags were all the rage? We had Shrimps to thank for that, but I went with this affordable neat little pink Topshop bag back then, and it's still in prime condition! So impractical, true, yet so cute.

Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your continuous support! I hope your day is going well ❤

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