Mandarin Orange Honey Crepes

I love simple recipes the best, made with ingredients that I always have in my kitchen. One random weekday I woke up and felt like starting my day with crepes — but not any normal Nutella-slathered ones or with lemon and sugar; I want the fancy kind.

But what kind of fancy are we talking about here? Well, I didn't know myself, but like I said, whatever fancy ingredient in the recipe had to be in my kitchen. I didn't have many items at hand so I studied my lil kitchen and it hit me: mandarins

My kitchen is constantly stocked with mandarins because I love them. Like, eat-them-every-night kind of love. I've had a couple of family members commenting on how they could always count on eating mandarins when they visit me, and miraculously I always manage to get sweet ones too, thankfully.

So I Googled for a good crepe recipe with mandarins in it but found none. Instead, I found one that includes nectarine in it.

Check out the recipe here: Sweet Breakfast Crepes with Honey-roasted Nectarines

Nope, mandarins and nectarines are not at all alike but I wanted to give the recipe a go anyway; I copied the recipe to a tee except I swapped the nectarines for mandarins. And you know what? My mandarin orange honey crepes were a hit.
Well, with me, myself and I, that is, but that's what mattered on that random weekday!

Also, let me put this out there: I am not good at making crepes! I'm suuuper self-conscious of how they look here in this post, but I liked this recipe so much that I want to share it asap here.
Then again, I wasn't good at making pancakes the first few times around, either, so I'm really hoping my crepe skills get better with every effort made!

Just click on the link at the start of this post to try these crepes (and use nectarines if you have them, they look so delish). I enjoyed these mandarin honey crepes but will probably try it with a different honey next time. I might consider adding some lemon juice next time for extra acidity to balance out the ultra-sweetness of honey, too.

Update: I found an even better easy crepe recipe! Tried it out today and my crepes turned out so pretty (and tasted better too!), so turns out my amateur self just needed a better crepe recipe. Go to The Best French Crepe Recipe; I made this today to eat with mandarin honey and added Greek yoghurt on the side for some sourness to balance the sweetness  such a lovely brunch!

Already looking forward to remaking this, for sure.

Thank you for checking out this blog post, hope you're doing well over there, sending you love from this little corner of Malaysia ❤


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