Polka Dot Modern Baju Kurung & Chunky Platform Derby Shoes

I've always loved a good modern baju kurung so when I saw one that came in a polka dot (!) print, with strings along the sleeves that can be tied into little bows as accents, I just had to have it.

Right from the get-go, I imagined the black and white polka dots with a vibrant red hijab. I feel like this exact outfit could pass as a Minnie Mouse Disneybound outfit perfectly, don't you think? (PS: I actually went to Disneyland recently, but more on this in a future post!)

Honestly, gimme all the polka dots in any colour combination, but I extra love the versatility of black and white because I can match pretty much any hijab colour to this modern baju kurung and create an endless number of outfits with it.

See: For interested non-Malaysians, the OG cut of a traditional baju kurung looks like this electric blue + gold baju kurung I wore years ago!

Finishing the whole look with my chunky platform derby (I think they're derby?) shoes and my new-ish clutch that I bought from one of my lovely cousins VERY unexpectedly when I visited her and her family; we were talking about handbags and such (a fun conversation topic for me obvs) and out of nowhere she asked along the line of: "I have a clutch I no longer want and looking to sell it, would you be interested in it?"
She then presented her 1-year-old black YSL clutch, agreed to sell it for like 1k less than the retail price (after Shah negotiated a little, LOL), and, well, the rest is history.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Hope you're having a great week and are planning to have a chill/fun weekend ahead ❤


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