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deBBYthis is exactly how it's spelled, with the 'd' and 'e' as small letters and the rest capital—is a pharmacy/drugstore/pharmacie brand i discovered a few months ago, found in the Monoprix branches strewn around Paris. Hailing from Italy, it's the sister brand to Deborah Milano, with both brands being under the Deborah Group.

I discovered this brand sort of accidentally; it just happened to be next to the Deborah Milano products that i originally had my eye on. There was these rows of short tubes of deBBY lipsticks that caught my eye then, and this pink of a shocker stood out the most.

The tube really is smaller than your regular lipstick tubes. Usually it's the length of your pinkie, wouldn't you say? This one is shorter than that.

It's hard to capture its true colour on my camera. The pink doesn't seem to appear shocking enough in the first photo and the above photo, but it's near enough.

Isn't the name fabulous? Shade 7 is named Delirious Fuchsia.

In different lightings:

Ahhh, it's lipstick like this that makes me envious of people who have lips that are the perfect canvas for any lipstick in the world!

The colour is fan-TAS-tic! I actually love the bubblegummy pink. I'm a girl who LOVES her colours. A girl who feels any colour in the world would work on her, but at the same time, i know there are colours that flatter me more than others. This pink isn't the absolute best for me, especially since it looks like it's a cool pink, but i still wear it nonetheless. It still works, I think. The pink is too much to be worn every day, but i truly enjoy wearing this colour every now and then for a bright splash of colour.

And now i just remembered i'm a 27-year-old female who refers to herself as "girl" still and loves bubblegum pink. Is that even normal? I feel perfectly normal.

As usual, it's the same kind of challenge for me: a lipstick that's saturated in colour but not pigmented enough and ended up sliiightly sheer on. 

There are lipsticks that are creamy and pigmented enough to cover my lips very well, like my Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 22, but it's no fun for me that the fun coloured lipsticks i own don't perform as amazingly! Like this deBBY one, my MAC Morange and Deborah Milano Red lipstick in shade 9. But ah well, what are lip liners for eh?

The texture is not bad. It slides on smoothly, but it's a relatively 'wet' lipstick. It's not easy to layer it on since the second layer would sort of just wipe the first layer off. I find that it's better to wait for a bit before applying the second coat so the first coat can dry up a bit. Using a lip brush helps too. I like to really, really buff the colour in with my brush to get a good pink on. Compared to my reddish pink Deborah Milano, a single layer of this lipstick is more sheer. Definitely more sheer, so one layer is never enough for me. 

On the upside, this lipstick stains pretty well. It's hard for me to get a decent even pink on my lips in the first place, what with it being 'wet' and all, but once you have it on, it won't be easy to get rid of it. I'm not saying the lipstick doesn't budge—it takes a miracle for lipstick to not budge from my lips, so of course the colour fades throughout the day—but no matter how much i eat or drink with this lipstick on, the pink will still be there, staining my lips. Rubbing my lips with tissue, dry or wet, will not work. The pink won't completely disappear until i scrub my lips with a makeup remover cloth. I haven't really decided if the stained look is an attractive look on me, so i make sure to re-apply the lipstick after eating.

Photos of me wearing this lipstick out:

That's my adorable husband Shah and i enjoying our day out in London a few months ago.

Swatch, in different lightings:

Like i've mentioned, it's pretty difficult to get a sense of Delirious Fuchsia's true colour with my camera. It's like different shades and different intensity in each photo, isn't it? If i have to pick the pink that portrays Delirious Fuchsia most accurately, it's probably the one in the first photo of Shah and i.

I do think Delirious Fuchsia is the kind of shade that would show differently on people with different skin tone though. On my medium tan skin, the colour could appear almost neon sometimes.

It's sad to think i won't have access to deBBY after i leave Paris. I'm just going to have to savour this baby as long as i have it then!

For more info on this lipstick and its range, check out the official website, deBBY kissMYlips.

Is this bubblegum pink something you would consider for your own lips? Share!


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