Weekend Getup

Spring comes and goes...all in the month of June itself this year. Spring 2013 forgot how to "Spring" sometimes. It's confusing itself with winter at random moments.

The weather was lovely this past weekend though, as well as today! Spring is my absolute favourite season. All the colours around you! I love it when the sun is out and even more when there is a slight breeze. Breeze matters to hijab-wearers, fyi.

My outfit for Saturday:

Leopard/swallow print scarf - A little store in Brussels
Grey t-shirt - Pull & Bear, La Defense
Teal blazer - Pull & Bear, La Defense
Ripped faded blue jeans - Jennyfer, La Defense
Black flats - Jennyfer, La Defense
Dark Grey handbag - Michael Kors, La Vallee
Shades - A tiny store in a Metro station in Madrid

Shah and i had a great day out. I went to Colette and Le Bon Marche for the very first time. I know, i know, what a travesty, eh? In Paris for all these months and not once did i visit them? But i can finally tick those two off my list.

We also took romantic strolls and did some people-watching in Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes—as romantic as it could get with a gajillion other strollers around anyway. When i say strollers, i meant both the human kind and also the baby-carrying kind. But we were all part of the huge crowd savouring the gorgeous day out.

It was really fun in the blindingly bright day, which doesn't happen that often in Europe, isn't it?



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