Remember that time we met Tim Burton?

Shah and i were on our way to watch Bachelorette (not a good movie) in Les Quatre Temps. We saw a commotion. Loads of cameras, reporters and non-reporter regular people waving their camera phones about.

And then i saw that marvellous messy mane.

OhmyGod. Oh, my God.


That's me in my eagle-print New Look sweater, and Tim Burton is holding my lip liner—Silkygirl, in Maroon, because Shah and i couldn't find a pen—and before that i was saying, "Tim, can i have your autograph?".

Yeh, i didn't even know we were on first-name basis.

And while he was signing it, i said to him, "I love you SO much."

The already smiling Tim Burton replied, "Thank you!".

I added an exclamation mark after that "thank you" because i feel like it deserves to be there, judging by his tone.

Tim Burton is really the best. In that 5-second encounter (but i did a lot of staring, squealing and jumping up and down before that encounter), i had deduced that Tim Burton is very gracious and very friendly. Meeting Tim Burton was surreal. Surreal because i grew up watching his movies.

Shah had mused way before that the reason i get so many nightmares now must be because i did just that: watch his movies as i grew up. But i love Tim Burton and his movies. I just do.

I might not want to watch some of his movies by myself, but i can just re-watch any of them any time, and i have done so many timesand, OK, with at least one companion. Usually Shah. And he's a fan too now. Except for Beetlejuice i think, because i think it left him feeling funny. Ironic, since this is coming a man who shouts "The Butcher!" everytime he sees Daniel Day-Lewis.

I haven't seen Gangs of New York, but 'The Butcher' sounds a lot more sinister than 'Beetlejuice', doesn't it?

Shah has a video of me saying "I love you SO much" to Tim Burton in this weird high-pitched voice, to remind me it wasn't a dream. I actually pronounced the "so" more like "SOWWW". I imagine that if it were a dream, i would be saying "I love you so much" to him in a normal, not-at-all embarassing pitch. A regular note that would not have invited any kind of snorting laughter from my little sister Rina.

Embarrassing love declaration? Nope. Because i got to tell my most favourite director/writer/produer in the world that i love him. It doesn't matter how i did it. The point is i did it.

And i know Tim Burton knew i meant i love him for what he has given us: his incredible movies. 

After meeting him, i really do have personal love for him too. You just have to.

We love you SOWWW much, Tim Burton!


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