Denim on Denim

 I never fancied the denim-on-denim look muchthat is, until I met the perfect match.

Plus, denim + red is my favouritest combination everest!

I've had these Mango jeans for ages but recently unearthed it from my many unpacked boxes (cue embarrassed-face emoji). This denim shirt was a hand-me-down from my little sister, who is just no longer into it. But lucky for me, as this shirt is still relatively new.

How adorable are these red ballet flats? My all-time favourite colour is red so when I spotted these nestled amongst the boxes of shoes on a Payless rack, I knew I had to get them. With beautiful floral and butterfly prints and priced at below RM 50 in the sales, they're a total steal.

Are you into the whole denim-on-denim look? I used to think that it won't work, but evidently I now think differently. If the two denim pieces are in the same family of hues then they could work very well worn together, in my personal opinion.

But what do you say? Sound off in the comment box down below as I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!


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