Draped Kaftan Dress

As much as I miss the magical feeling of Ramadhan, I can't deny the inevitable fun of the month of Syawal in which every weekend is filled with Raya Aidilfitri open houses and weddings. That only means you get the best of foods and the best of time with family and friends.

I love dressing up in a breezy kaftan on these weekends. Daytime can get super hot here and when you plan to be out all day long, dressing comfortably is definitely a priority.

I've always been a huge fan of interesting kaftans, like my pink and green ombre kaftan that I wore on Raya Aidilfitri day. Just like that one, this icy grey draped kaftan dress is made of cooling lycra material as well.

It has a little batwing at the sides so it really is as breezy as can be! The sleeves are a little shorter than I would have preferred so a pair of hand-socks are needed.
I find hand-socks a little atrocious to be honest but they really are an added necessity to my wardrobe; I actually wish I could find a whole bunch of hand-socks that match all my tops and dresses.

When I bought this dress, it came with a colourful floral brooch that is made up of some sort of woven fabric. I love that brooch but I felt like changing it up on this particular day and switched it with a 'rockstar' zipper brooch that is shaped like a flower.

Now that I look at the photos, this brooch, the leopard-print scarf and the amazing greenery as my photo background are kind of translating to some sort of Queen of the Jungle or something.

And, look, a super adorable someone crashed my photoshoot!


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