Electric Blue Maxi Dress

Head-to-toe electric blue? I mean, if you're feeling electric, why not?

Scarf: Pull & Bear | Dress: Girlies Barn | Heels: Elo, Subang Parade (long defunct)

I acquired the scarf, dress and heels at different times of my life: the heels when I was in early 20's; the scarf was obtained in Madrid in early 2013; the dress with pleated skirt was probably bought late last year. The three are so similar in their electric blue shades but I honestly didn't purposely buy the next item with the intention to match the previous one.

All three are pretty out-there; the electric blue colour is eye-catching enough but top that off with a tricoloured leopard-print scarf and leopard-trimmed open-toed pumps with bright yellow heel, and you might think that the fashion police might come rushing to fine me.

But, I don't know. With enough differences in prints and textures, wearing all three pieces at the same time seem to work.

And also, honestly, I have never been a fan of wearing one colour from head to toe but I feel like it is perfectly OK to make an exception here.

What do you think? Did I just commit a style crime or are you on board with this look?


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