If I Could Have One Wish For Myself...

What would it be?

Off the top of my head, it's this: to do my "living in Paris" stint all over again.

Pont des Arts, Paris, 2013

If some of you are thinking "That's ridiculous, you've already experienced THAT, pick another wish", I'll tell you why I'd reply with, "No thanks, please. I'd really like to stick with my Paris wish."

A couple of reason as to why that is:

(1) Um, you guys, it's PARIS. Only Parisians would say wanting to live in Paris is ridiculous (or maybe not, because IT IS PAGHEE),
(2) All I had were a crappy digital camera and an iPhone 4 to document my adventures in Paris and other parts of Europe, but I now have this pretty fabulous basic smart digital camera.

I keep finding myself skimming through my Europe photos in frustration because it is difficult to find decent ones that relate to the emotions I felt when I was physically in those places.

I have been blogging for a few years but I only truly appreciate how important good photos are when I joined Instagram. I thought it a little ironic somewhat, for a couple more reasons:

1- When I was in Paris, I posted some of my Eurotrip photos on Facebook and one of my best friends Husna commented, "You should join Instagram!". I kind of scoffed at the idea, thinking 'I have Facebook and that's all I need'. Plus, I was near the end of my Europe stay and  I was still using my Nokia at the time (don't ask).

So I must say, it was a mistake to not listen to Husna. Even if I had created an Instagram account then, even with that little time I had left in Paris, I would have put a lot more thought and effort into snapping more beautiful photos (with added filters, of course) around Paris before I head back to Malaysia.

2- I didn't like getting my photos taken.

No, really, I did not. I do now, but last year and the year before that? Nope.

Shah would be asking me to pose in front of a building or a scenic background and I would balk at the very idea. For some reason or another, when I was in Europe, I had this idea that it was "a little uncool" and "too touristy" to stand and smile for a snap. Right, like I could look less like a tourist back then? Oh God, Liyana. I much preferred to be behind the camera myself back then.

Trust me, I constantly beat myself over that idiocy now. I love posing (or not posing) and having my photos taken nowadays for my blog and Instagram, however not good I am at it, but I thoroughly wish I had been so much "less cool" back then.

It's no use regretting these things now. I won't be jetting off to any part of Europe any time soon but hopefully it's sometime in the future. In the meantime, I'll just edit and filter the many mediocre grainy Europe photos taken with my pale pink Canon and Shah's iPhone.

Butlucky for me!nestled amongst these photos are some gems that were taken in good lighting and good weather, such as the unfiltered photo above, taken on Pon des Arts, using my admittedly reliable Canon.

Oh, Paris. How I've missed you.


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