I love spending time poring over blogs that belong to super bloggers. I don't only regard these fashion and lifestyle blogs as eye candy but as a source for inspiration as well. These women just seem to have it all together! Oh sure, sure, they're just normal human beings like the rest of us but it's hard not to notice how these admirable ladies are not only a step ahead of us mere mortal bloggers, but a hundred, a thousand few thousands steps ahead.

There are many lessons we could take away from studying their blogs and from studying them as bloggers but here are some of the things are worth noting from my daily trips to their site:

*Note: These images were taken from these bloggers' respective blogs! Links to the photo that still works are included (some are no longer available to be viewed on their blog)

They have the best blog design and layout
Even though all of their blogs' different design and layout reflect their unique personality, they all have some things in common: they're clean-cut, easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Really, how is it that all of their blogs so effortlessly evoke a sense of glamour and elegance?

They seem to always find the coolest location/background for their photoshoot
Where I live, there really isn't that much fun option for a photoshoot backdropor is there?
Some bloggers have let it known that they scout for locations for their outfit photoshoots so not everything is about luck for these girls; they put in actual hard work into making their blog the best that it could be.

"Coffee Run", sincerelyjules.com
A cool, simple and structured dark grey wall is the perfect backdrop for Julie Sarinana's cool casual outfit

"Swallows", stylescrapbook.com
Not all of us live in Amsterdam like Andy Torres, where there are aplenty of kitschy bikes and picturesque narrow houses

A dreamy outfit on Nicole Warne made more magical when shot amongst the trees, accompanied by perfect golden lighting

They are an expert at mixing high-end with high-street
There's this rule in fashion that says it's tacky to wear a brand head-to-toe. These bloggers don't only comply with that rule; they even go way above it by cleverly mixing more affordable pieces into their whole outfit.

"Urban Light", leblogdebetty.com
Betty Autier mixing Isabel Marant and Topshop

Andy Torres combining high-ends Dior sunglasses and Coach jumper with high-streets Zara coat and ASOS jeans

They can actually afford serious high-end
Many people wonder about what it is exactly bloggers do. The answer? The thing is, I don't think there is a definitive answer. These giant names in the blogging industry are unique and different from each other, making them mavens in different areas; as similar as they seem, no two bloggers do exactly the same thing. One thing for sure, these girls do earn some serious cash from their role as bloggers. Some of them will tell you that they don't earn as much money as we think they do, though, which could only mean two things: they have savvy shopping habits, and have a good eye for selecting the best high-end pieces to secure for their closet.

Chiara's ensemble comprised of Celine sunglasses, Cartier ring and Chanel double flap bag

Zanita's enviable Chloé Drew bag

They don't just own high-end; they own the coolest of the high-end
Just like anyone who has earned their rightful place in the fashion industry, these women seem to have a knack for picking out the coolest of the cool from any brand.

"Venice Beach Sunset", leblogdebetty.com
Betty Autier's cool sunnies probably sending fashion lovers into a frenzied search for a knockoff

Andy Torres' incredible Coach piece that has the autograph of the famous American artist who designed the adorable print

They always have perfect hair and makeup
Most of these bloggers do get their hair and makeup done by pros from time to time but these super girls must do their own hair and makeup most of the times. I don't doubt that they put effort into taking care of their body and skin by eating healthy, working out and having a proper beauty routine, toojust like any of us should.

Emily Schuman sharing her how-to's to a pretty, no-fuss holiday makeup

Kristina Bazan, a luxury brands' favourite with those luscious locks and perfect makeup

Nicole Warne and her flawless skin

Their photo-taking and editing game are unbeatable
Sure, some of them have a real photographer following them around, unlike you and I who rely on a tripod or a disgruntled husband/boyfriend/friend/sister who feels coerced into photographing you. But, come to think of if, we're not all that different from them because they, too, have had their photos taken by their tripod/husband/boyfriend/friend/sister! It is however undeniable that these super bloggers (or the team they have commissioned) have extensive knowledge about photo-taking and plenty of handy editing tricks up their sleeve to make their photos stand out.

The aesthetic of Aimee Song's job as interior designer translates into her blog, which shows through photos like this

Nicole Warne defying the laws of gravity through the power of editing

Probably the first blogger to do so, Zanita Whittington has decided to share in-depth tips to get great edited photos

Posing in front of the camera comes naturally to them
They're not models, per say, but it won't be wrong to say they're modelling in their blog. Then again, you have to remember that these bloggers started out years ago and have had many, many practice; they're bound to learn the best poses to do and the right facial expressions to have when taking photos along the way. Some of them have shared with their readers how they cringe when they see photos of themselves from when they first started out so it is safe to say that even though they appear effortlessly cool and look natural in their photos now, it hasn't always been that way.

Who are your favourite super bloggers? My favourite supper bloggers can be compiled into a pretty long list: Le Blog De BettySincerely JulesStyle ScrapbookGary PepperKaytureSong of StyleThe Blonde Salad, and Zanita—and there's plenty more where that came from!
Do you have your own favourite set of super bloggers as well? What are the things that you have noticed from studying their blogs?